Self Storage Tips for First Timers

There are many reasons why you may choose to hire secure storage in E14. Whether it be moving to a new house and needing somewhere to store your belongings in the interim or simply just requiring somewhere to store extra belongings. Using self storage in East London for the first time can be confusing, so we’ve put together some of our top tips to maximise your space!

Work out how much space you need to before you decide

It can be extremely difficult when it comes to knowing what size storage units in E14 to hire. Before you go ahead and decide, measure the belongings that you need to store. Add up the measurements and then choose the unit which best suits you. Fortunately, we have secure self-storage in E14 ranging from 20-150 sqft. If you’re still struggling to visualise the size, we have a useful size guide on our website


One of the most important things you can do when it comes to making the most of self-storage Canary Wharf is preparation. Make a list of everything you need to store and keep track of it. Otherwise, you run the risk of forgetting some items.

Label everything

If it’s personal belongings you’re going to be storing, then be sure to pack everything into boxes. If you’re packing up items which belong in multiple rooms, we recommend packing your items in an organised manner, i.e. pack all plates, cutlery and other kitchen utensils in one box and then label it ‘kitchen.’

What can we do to help?

Don’t panic! We’re not a faceless corporation. If you’re a first timer hiring secure storage in E14. We’re always happy to help! If you do not have enough packaging we can provide you with a range of materials. Including: boxes, wrapping and moving products, polythene covers, padlocks, bubble wrap and specialist cartons so you can ensure your belongings are protected.

If you would like more information about how Store That can help you when it comes to secure self-storage in E14, give us a call today on 020 7515 1300.

The Best Uses of Sea Container Storage

When it comes to secure storage in E14, we have a wide variety of options to meet your needs. Whether you want drive up units in E14 or ground floor space in London, we’ve got you covered! Today the team here at Store That have come together to discuss the best uses of sea container storage.

Display creative projects

Is there anything more eco-friendly and innovative than transforming an old sea container into an art gallery? Sea containers have the ability to be stacked, so with full refurbishment, you could create an imaginative building which will grab people’s attention. It’s the perfect opportunity to display your very own art work!

Sauna and swimming pools

Have you ever just wanted to get away from the trials and tribulations life throws at you and escape from it all? Have you ever found the most beautiful wellness retreat in Thailand but gasped at the price? Relax, why not transform your sea container into a pool and sauna and find luxury in your own garden.

Indoor gardens

You may have a love for tropical plants that you find on your travels and return home wishing you could showcase the vibrant colours in your own garden. Well, now you can! Sea containers are a great way of creating an indoor garden space.

Home gym

Perhaps your new year’s resolution was to join a gym and start working out but time has got the better of you and you are still no closer to achieving that killer beach body. Sea containers are the perfect size to convert into your very own home gym. All that’s left to do is add a yoga mat, some weights, a treadmill and that very important speaker!

Sea container storage

Maybe you don’t want to transform your sea container into something quirky, but prefer to keep things basic. If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you’ll know that we’ve recently installed a further 14 brand new sea containers due to popular demand and that they are extremely versatile. But, why is sea container storage so effective? Store That’s sea containers are virtually vandal proof using lockable handles. This, paired with our 24-hour in-house security team, you can rest assured your belongings are safe with us.

If you would like more information about our sea container storage, get in touch with Store That today on 0207 5151 300.

Creative Ways to Use Secure Self-Storage E14

There’s often a common misconception when it comes to hiring storage units in E14. That they can only be used to store items that your home can’t facilitate. However this simply is not the case!

Storage space in E14 can become an absolute lifesaver when it comes to making room for valuable space in your home. If you use the space effectively, it means you can finally transform your free space into the games room you’ve always wanted. The Store That team have put together a list of creative ways to make the most of your storage.

A workshop

Does one of your favourite hobbies involve taking in old items and giving them a new lease of life? Over the years, things such as craft fairs and up-cycling have become somewhat of a common interest. A secure storage unit in E14 is the perfect opportunity to start up your own craft business. Perhaps you can even store all your ongoing projects in one of our drive-up units in Canary Wharf!


If you’re somebody who has a passion for fashion. Why not take the opportunity to hire some storage space, E14 and transform the unit into your very own seasonal wardrobe? After all, you may be finding that your wardrobe at home is gradually taking over the entirety of your bedroom floor.

But how do you transform your storage unit E14 into the wardrobe of your dreams? It’s simple! Using portable clothing rails as well as plastic containers and air tight bags, not only will you clear some space in your home, but you can protect your clothes that aren’t in use from any potential damage.

Display your infamous collection

Maybe you’re someone who enjoys collecting memorabilia of their favourite band or film. You can easily add shelves and cases in our storage space E14 to showcase your collection. We also recognise that everyone’s belongings are special, which is why we have 24 hour monitored CCTV on site.

If you would like more information about how to make the most of your storage unit in E14, why not get in touch with Store That today on 0207 5151 300Store That Canary Wharf

All Aboard! Introducing Brand New Sea Container Storage

If you keep up to date with our busy team here at Store That. Secure self-storage E14. You’ll know that we’re constantly making changes to our site to make it even better! Due to extremely popular demand we have introduced a further 14 brand new sea containers!

When someone says the word “sea containers” the last thing that probably comes to your mind is storage. However, because they were made to undergo extreme weather conditions, these containers are virtually indestructible, making them the perfect secure storage in E14. So, why not come aboard?

Strong and durable

One of the major advantages of sea container rental in London Docklands is their durability. Manufactured to meet the ISO freight standards, our containers are designed to withstand the rigours of marine transportation. Not only that, but our sea container hire, London means that your belongings are guaranteed to be protected due to its ventilated sides and insulated roof. In addition, our containers are fitted with rot/vermin proof flooring, steel walls and doors so you can rest assured your items are safe with us!

Safe and Secure

Our storage units are extremely secure and virtually vandal proof using lockable handles. Our site is equipped with CCTV coverage along with our very own 24 hour in house security team constantly ensuring your belongings are protected.


Another major benefit of our sea container hire, London, is the size they provide. If you choose one of our units, you will give yourself an extra 155sqft of space! This makes it the perfect secure storage E14 option if you’re moving homes or looking for office storage in London.

We also have numerous on going offers at Store That, sea container storage London, including:

· 3rd month FREE on selected internal units

· 10% discount on all packaging for all existing customers

· Our brand new upper deck 155sqft sea containers at just £270 including VAT!

If you would like more information about sea container hire, London or any other services Store That provides, get in touch today on 0207 5151 300.

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