Why Sea Containers Are The Best Self-Storage Option?

For years, the shipping container was synonymous with cargo ships; making its name from its involvement in the shipping trade. These large, virtually-indestructible steel boxes would be used to store and transport items across the long distances and volatile terrain that came with shipping. However, these shipping containers have come to develop a new use due to their durability and affordability.

Whether it’s back garden sheds to swimming pools, there is an ever-increasing trend to convert these industrial containers into practical and artistic constructions. One of these uses includes: secure self-storage E14.

Unlike traditional self-storage units, sea containers give individuals a huge amount of space to play with. Most shipping containers are at least 8ft wide with lengths of 20ft – 40ft, meaning customers have more than enough space to keep their furniture or belongings.

At Store That Self Storage – Canary Wharf, we have a number of sea containers available for rental. Our brand new containers give the hirer 155 sq ft of space, which is about as big as your average bedroom or one and a half garages. This makes it perfect for the storage of families moving out of a three bedroom house or a small business move.

Another benefit of using sea containers for self-storage, as opposed to traditional units, is the materials they are made from. Designed out of weathering steel, this material inhibits corrosion of the shipping containers, meaning they are able to battle against the elements and last for years.

When used in shipping, these containers are often subjected to stormy seas and terrible weather. So with this in mind, the shipping containers are often sealed airtight to prevent flooding and leaks. However, this design feature does not help those wanting to store belongings in them on a long term basis as it creates condensation and damp.

To help prevent this, Store That Self Storage East London have utilised an industrial grade anti-condensation paint, professionally applied to the inside of the roof . In addition, we have installed side vents to allow air circulation. Nevertheless, it is always important to store dry goods in your units and sea containers.

If you want to find out more about Store That’s sea container rentals, why not get in touch with the team on 020 7515 1300?

Store That Self Storage East London: Storage Solutions for the Hoarder

Whether it’s a dress from back in the heyday, or a broken lamp you were given by your late, great aunt – hoarders can be very sensitive when it comes to throwing out their old bits and bobs. However, unless you want to be the star of Britain’s Biggest Hoarders, it’s time to sort through all your junk and have a clear-out.

At Store That Storage East London, we understand how difficult it can be to sort through valuables and decide whether to put them away or get rid so, we’ve put together a list of tricks to help you through the process.

Start Slow

When you stare into the abyss of old junk and broken furniture, it can be extremely overwhelming. However, don’t be put off by the sheer amount of belongings to get rid off. We suggest starting slow and small; work your way through each area, room by room, each week. Perhaps you could leave it to a slow sunday or even one night after work – just plop yourself down in the centre of the room and work your way around the items.

Handle Objects One At A Time

Looking at the size 8 dress you will probably never fit into again, you may find it difficult to get rid or let go off your belongings, despite knowing you will never use it or need it again. You must look at the item and ask yourself a few questions before you make your final decision i.e. will I realistically wear/use this in the future? Have I used this in the last year? If I were shopping right now, would I buy it?

If you answer ‘No’ to all those questions, it’s time to chuck it!

Scale Down

We’re not asking you to throw out everything you own, but just getting rid of a few items will help clear the mind and space in your home. However, one of the hardest jobs for parents is deciding what to do with their children’s old school work, especially if you’re children have moved out of the house.

At Store That, we recommend getting all the work down from the loft and sorting it into piles of keep and recycle. There may be special school reports and artwork you want to keep but as for the copious amounts of paintings and pasta artwork, be sure to offer it to your kids before to avoid any arguments or upset!

If you cannot bear to get rid of all your belongings and need somewhere to keep them before you make any final decisions, Store That provide storage units in E14 for short term and long term use. With unit sizes ranging from 20 – 150 sqft and even sea container storage London to choose from, the team at Store That are more than capable at helping your to store unwanted or valuable items.

For more information about our storage space E14, call our friendly team on 0207 5151 300

Storage Ideas For Uni Students with Store That Storage Space E14

Unless you’re really lucky, your room in student accommodation is likely to be small. Even if it’s not the size of a cardboard box, you will probably end up keeping most of your belongings in your bedroom anyway. That means, what was a reasonably sized bedroom has now become a treasure trove to your student lifestyle.

Whether you have moved out of your parent’s house completely, or you’re just taking some of your bedroom belongings, we have some helpful student storage ideas for you.

  • Vertical Space – Unfortunately, as a university student, it’s likely you will have more wall space than floor space – that means your floor space is precious! Instead of taking up the valuable breathing room, look to your vertical space instead. Whether it’s a coat hook behind the door, or using a shelf on the wall itself, these are inexpensive and easy to find items to match your room decor.
  • Multipurpose Furniture – Fold away furniture can be a god send for students – especially when it comes to having guests over and house parties. While a student room normally comes with a bed, desk, chair and wardrobe, any extra furniture you want such as chairs, stools and desks can be stored away in your room until needed.
  • Furniture With Storage – Similar to multipurpose furniture, if you’re looking for extra storage space try items that double as storage. For example, a desk that also acts as book shelves in it or a bed with storage underneath. Not only are they useful for storing books and work for your “studies” but they will come in handy when you move into your own homes in the future.
  • Utilise The Space Under Your Bed – The space underneath your bed can actually be useful if used properly. It can often fill up with empty suitcases, old pizza boxes and various underwear garments, but you have to make the most of the space. You could place all your spare bedding in the empty suitcases so it won’t get dusty, or install some under-bed drawers to store books and folders.
  • Make Use of Wardrobe Space – Sufficient clothing storage in your university halls is a must for many. However, most people struggle to fit at least half of their clothes into those tiny wardrobes. Most of the time it’s actually the hangers that take up a lot of space! Replace the ones you have collected at home, and replace them with some slim-line velvet hangers and watch your wardrobe space expand!

If you want to enjoy your university experience without the hassle of finding a place to keep all your extra clothing and belongings, why not enlist the help of Store That Self Storage East London?

Established 65 years ago, Store That Self Storage Canary Wharf have worked with hundreds of students and their families to successfully keep safe any belongings they’re not taking into student accommodation. Located on the riverfront of East London, our 2 acre site is covered by CCTV coverage and 24 hour in-house security – just an 18 minute drive from University of East London campuses.

For more information about our student self-storage options, give us a call on 0207 5151 300 or email info@storethat.co.uk

Moving Offices: Temporary Spaces

Perhaps your workforce has rapidly expanded and you’re running out of space in your small office? Or maybe you’re in the process of moving from a home office to a bigger and better office space? When moving to and from your brand new space there may be challenges and limitations to your moving which causes the whole process to be slower than expected.

With anything from changing start dates to emergency maintenance work, these sudden changes can mean you are left in the lurch – with dozens of packed boxes in tow!

At Store That Self Storage East London, we have a number of self storage options that will make moving into your new space both stress-free and easy.

Temporary Space

Store That offer storage units in E14 that are available to be used as temporary spaces to keep desks, computers and any extra furniture. They ranging from 20sqft to 150sqft so they can cater for exactly what you need.

To protect your belongings and any important paperwork you may be storing with us, all of our self-storage units are protected with constant CCTV coverage as well as 24 hour in-house security.

Drive-up Units Canary Wharf

For business owners, there is nothing worse than packing up your entire office and realising you cannot move in just yet. Particularly useful at Store That Canary Wharf our Drive-up units are stand-alone on our 2 acre site, meaning you can drive right up to your unit door and have instant access.

All of our drive up units are also raised from the ground on a concrete base in order to avoid damage caused by flooding.

Sea-container Rental Isle of Dogs

If you’re a large office looking for a place to store all of your office furniture, you may be in need of our 155 sq ft sea container units. Not only are they sea containers perfect as they give you lots of space but they are sturdy, waterproof, long-lasting and secure, meaning your office belongings will stay safe in our hands.

For more information about all of Store That’s self storage options, get in touch with our team on 020 7515 1300.

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