Strangest Things Found in Storage Units with Store That Canary Wharf

Believe it or not, abandoned storage units are a modern-day treasure chest! Unfortunately, if the owner of a storage unit forgets multiple payments then the storage facility are allowed to auction off the unit and its contents to members of the public. In America, there are more than 50,000 abandoned storage units that are worth up $1 billion.

Here are a few of the strangest things found in self-storage:

1. James Bond’s Submarine Car

The last thing you would expect to find in a storage unit is a prop from a blockbuster movie but that’s exactly what happened to a man from New York. In 1989, the man paid $100 to buy the contents of the storage unit in the city. When he and his brother cut open the lock the next day, they found a white sports car – missing all the wheels and with a dented roof. He tied the car to the back of his truck where he told on the CB radio that the car was part of the Bond franchise. Used in The Spy Who Loved Me (1977), the sports car was one of the submarine cars operated by James Bond himself. The car was later purchased at auction by Elon Musk, Tesla founder, for almost $1 million.

2. Human Leg

When Shannon Whisnant found a barbeque in the storage unit, we can imagine he was looking forward to cooking up some burgers for the family. Not, as he did, find an amputated human leg sitting underneath the lid. Unfortunately, the storage unit has been owned by John Wood who lost his leg above the knee during a plane crash in 2004. The amputee was keeping the leg in the storage unit so he could be buried with it, however he fell behind on payments and the storage unit was auctioned off. After months of court trials, the leg was returned to John by Shannon who legally owned it.

3. NASA Rocket

Reality show Auction Hunters followed Allen Haff and Clinton Jones as they bid $1500 for a storage unit. After successfully securing the bid, the professional storage unit hunters started to sort through the contents of their new unit. While expecting to find an abundance of old clothes and worthless comic books, they stumbled across a NASA countdown clock and rocket.

They later met with a space memorabilia expert who authenticated the items as belonging to NASA before Haff and Jones sold the items on.

While we cannot promise you will find a car James Bond would be proud of or even a rocket from NASA, Store That London Docklands provides all our customers affordable and secure self-storage – just a stone’s throw away from Canary Wharf.

On our 2-acre site in East London, we have a variety of safe and secure self-storage solutions including our clean and spacious storage units, accessible drive up units and well-ventilated sea-container rental London Docklands.

To find out more about our storage space E14, get in touch with us on 020 7515 1300 or email

Stress Awareness Day: How To Stay Stress-Free When Moving Belongings

The first Wednesday of each November is National Stress Awareness Day – a day to raise recognition and support of those suffering from severe stress.

We all know what it’s like to feel stressed. Often being put under pressure is a normal part of life. However, feeling overwhelmed by stress often leads to mental health problems or can make any existing problems worse.

Whether it’s following the death of a loved one or perhaps you’re moving out of the family home, a particularly stressful time in people’s lives is moving your valuables into storage. However, at Store That Canary Wharf, we want to make this process a whole lot easier for our customers.

The team at Store That are here to answer your most frequently asked questions about our secure self-storage E14 to ease your worries:

How does self-storage work? We believe self-storage is an easy and flexible option for anyone looking to free up space in your home without chucking away everything. You only pay for the space you need from us and the length of time you need it for. At Store That, we have temporary, short and long term contracts available as well as storage units in E14 ranging from 20 – 150 sqft.

Who can use storage units? Whether you’re moving house, travelling abroad, de-cluttering or creating more space in your home, self-storage can be the perfect solution. It can also be ideal for businesses looking to put away their spare office furniture or keep important paperwork safe.

Will my belongings be safe at Store That E14? It’s important to us that our customer’s items are kept safe when in our hands. That’s why our site in East London has constant CCTV coverage, as well as 24 hour in-house security.

How do I get my valuables into the storage unit? Whether you decide to hire a removal van or pack your car full of items, you are more than welcome to access our site to drop off your belongings. In fact, we have a number of drive up units E14 available for instant access. When you arrive at Store That, our team of qualified handling staff complete with forklifts and loading ramps can help to unload your belongings from your vehicle.

We hope we’ve put your mind at rest and if you have any further questions, feel free to call the team on 020 7515 1300 and we will be happy to ease any of your unnecessary storage stresses with our self-storage solutions.

Sea Container Rentals: Why To Rent A Sea Container For Self-Storage?

Traditionally, steel shipping containers were manufactured to cope with the extreme conditions they would face when transported on cargo ships across oceans. Made from high tensile Corten steel, these containers were virtually indestructible which made them extremely safe and secure for their journey.

In recent years, people have found other ways to use these highly sturdy containers. From swimming pools to pop-up shops, shipping containers have been used in ways to create a space for the public to enjoy. In our case, our sea containers east London, are being used to keep customers’ valuables safe.

Knowing their robustness and security, Store That Canary Wharf offer customers our 20’ ground-level sea containers, each giving approximately 155 sq ft of internal storage. This is particularly useful for anyone moving house – or even moving abroad – who needs a place to store an entire house-worth of furniture.

While it may be a weird concept for people to get their heads around, here are a few reasons to use sea containers:

● Durability – Using standard ISO freight containers, our sea storage containers are designed to withstand the rigors of marine transportation and so are constructed with a high tensile steel rigid framework. With corrugated steel walls and doors and rot/vermin-proof flooring, you can rest-assured that your belongings will stay in tip-top conditions with us.

● Security – Our storage containers are extremely secure and virtually vandal-proof – using lockable handles, padlocks and a high security locks. These security measures protect the locks from being tampered with by any thieves.

● Air-tight – A typical problem with sea containers is condensation, which can wreak havoc with your belongings. However, our sea containers come with insulated roofs and ventilated sides to prevent causing damp inside your container and causing your belongings to rot.

Shipping containers are perfect to hire as a solution for storage. Not only are they robust, lockable and watertight but they give you lots of space to play around with. For more information about our sea container storage London, call us on 0207 5151 300.

Our Top 5 Storage Hacks with Store That, Secure Self-Storage E14

At Store That, self storage East London, we understand how frustrating it can be trying to fit that extra piece of furniture into your storage units in E14. Fortunately, we have decided to let you know our top 5 favourite storage hacks to make the most out of your storage space.

1. Vertical, Not Horizontal

We suggest looking at your storage unit almost like a game of Tetris. You going to want to fit in as much as possible. If you’re planning to store any large furniture such as a sofa, wardrobe or table, you’re going to want to make sure that these are occupying vertical space. Why? Because then you will have a lot more floor space for smaller items, allowing you to fit more inside.

2. Outer Walls and Aisles

Storing your possessions along the outer walls first allows you to recognise how much space you still have, not only that, but it will also utilise as much space as possible. If you just place things randomly, you’re going to run out of space very quickly. Leave aisles between your boxes too. This may seem like an inconvenience; however, it does allow you to have access to everything. If you don’t do this, you will have to spend time rummaging through all your belongings to find one key thing.

3. Shelving

You may want to invest in some metal shelving to install in the less used vertical space. This means that you can stack boxes on the floor as well as on the shelves. However, be careful when it comes to stacking boxes on the ground. If you stack too many, the boxes on the bottom will crush under the weight and potentially damage your possessions. We also offer a shelf rental system system.

4. Plan Ahead

When it comes to organising your self storage E14, you’re going to need to strategically plan where you want to place your belongings. For example, place the items you’re most likely to use more often toward the front of the unit and the objects that probably won’t need to see the light of day any time soon, toward the back.

5. It’s a Wrap

Make sure to properly cover and wrap your belongings before placing them into your storage unit, this way, it prevents dust from settling on your belongings and helps protect them against potential damages.

There’s our list of storage hacks designed to help you. At Store That, Secure Storage E14, we have a variety of storage options, ranging from sea container rentals to drive up units Canary Wharf. If you would like more information, give us a call on 0207 5151 300.

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