Weird Ways Architects Have Used Shipping Containers


Did you know that shipping containers aren’t just for sea voyages? That’s right, many people are now using sea containers to create a variety of buildings at a very cheap cost.

The architecture world is full of wonderful and weird designs; with many people now using sea container storage to create something amazing and unique. So that’s why the Store That Isle of Dogs team has created a list of our favourite (and wacky) shipping container designs, that’s sure to turn a few heads.


Swimming pool made out of shipping container

Swimming Pools

We all dream of having our own swimming pool, especially during the summer. Some architects decided to make a splash and create contemporary swimming pools from upcycled shipping containers. The Pinterest-worthy pools are usable at any time of the year; with integrated heaters that can increase the water temperature to 30°C in -10 weather. It’s certainly one way to warm up in the winter weather!


Coffee shop made from shipping containers

Coffee shops – Starbucks

Last year, Japanese architect Kengo Kuma used his incredible talent to turn a shipping container into a new drive-thru Starbucks at a Taiwan shopping mall. The unique design consists of 29 shopping containers with two floors; lots of natural light and a total floor space of 320sqm. The coffee shop was created this way as part of Starbucks’ new sustainability project. It certainly provides a modern twist to its usual image.


House made from shipping containers


Yes, you read that correctly. Architects are now using sea containers to create stunningly modern homes. The sea containers in East London are becoming the latest housing craze, with beautiful, eco-friendly designs that’s enough to make anyone envious. They also come at incredibly cheap prices, with many homes selling for under £100,000 making them the perfect starter home.

Of course, being shipping containers these homes normally have a very small living space and don’t provide much in the way of storage. Thankfully, Store That has plenty of secure storage space in the E14 area so that you can keep your home organised.

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