Transforming Your Spare Room Into A Nursery

With a new royal baby just around the corner, we started thinking about all the other soon-to-be parents and how we could help.

Having a baby is a wonderful experience, but it also means making some drastic changes in your life; especially around your home. But don’t fret! A new baby doesn’t mean rushing out to buy a bigger house, it means utilising the space you have to create a beautiful (and practical) nursery for your little one.

That’s why the team at Store That London Docklands have created top tips for transforming your spare room into a nursery fit for your own prince or princess.


Get organised

Organisation is key to turning your junk room into a nursery. This means sorting through and getting rid of all the things that take up space or that you no longer use. Try creating three piles to make things easier; keep, throw and donate. If your keep pile is too big to store at home, consider packing them into our cardboard boxes and storing them away in a Store That storage unit.


Adding colour and decoration

Now for the fun part. When decorating your baby’s nursery, we recommend choosing a calming, baby-friendly colour. A fresh coat of paint or new wallpaper can work wonders on a neglected spare bedroom. While pink or blue might be more traditional choices, neutral choices can also be great for nurseries; especially if you’re leaving the gender of the baby as a surprise.


Creating more storage

Despite their size, babies need a lot of space! With all the clothes, towels, blankets, wraps and toys they accumulate, creating adequate storage space is essential. Shelves and boxes are great for storing all the toys and books your bundle of joy is gifted. Not only do they provide added decoration, but they also maximise the much-needed surface storage space.


Once the nursery is all set up, all you have to do next is wait…

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Dealing with Limited Living Space in London

Living in a vibrant city like London can have so many benefits with so much happening and going on around you. However, having everything readily available at your doorstep often comes at a small price, which is limited living space.

Much like many other cities; London is known for its lack of living space as a one bed flat is likely to set you back as much as a small castle up North would. There is barely anywhere to park your car outside. The same can also be said for your possessions on the inside as there is no room for storage space.


The experts at Store That in E14 have years of experience helping Londoners deal with their lack of storage space. Here are their top tips for making the most of the limited area.


‘Tidy house tidy mind’

One of the simplest ways to increase your available space is to decrease the number of things you have filling it. Clearing out old clothes and items that you don’t use anymore can reduce mess and restore order in more ways than one. Not only will it benefit your living space, but it can also be great for clearing your mind too!


Re-arrange and get creative

Clearing out can apply to the big items too! Trying to fit a three-piece sofa suite into a box room can be like playing an impossible game of Tetris. Putting a lot of furniture in a small area can make it look overcrowded and cluttered. Try and minimise the number of bulky things you put in a room to make it appear bigger. This doesn’t mean throwing out your favourite items; you can simply put them into secure storage in the E14 area, so they’re close by when you want them again.


Get organising

If clearing out and reducing the number of things you have isn’t an option; why not try and reduce the space it all takes up. For example, try using drawer organisers or tidy your things away systematically so they’re neat. Additionally, there are now much space saving furniture ranges such as fold away tables or collapsible chairs that are just as practical as normal furniture but use less space.


Regardless of the size of your living space, it’s always nice to create more room and if anything; minimalism is in this year! If you’re looking for storage in East London; Store That has plenty of secure storage space in the E14 area for you to keep all of those items taking up precious living space.

Clever Storage Ideas from Store That London Docklands

Now that the Christmas holidays are over you have probably accumulated a lot more stuff! Whether it be from Christmas presents or Boxing day sales; these new belongings will need a place to live- preferably somewhere you won’t be tripping over them. If you are lacking space in your home; make sure you maximise every inch by using up every nook and cranny.

The team here at Store That London Docklands have compiled a list of some ideas of storage solutions to keep your home organised throughout the new year.


Cabinets and Cupboards

Obvious right? However, chances are you aren’t utilising this space to its full potential. Many people will simply pile things into cupboards and cabinets without any rhyme or reason and as a result, struggle to find what they are looking for. Keeping your cabinets or cupboards organised not only looks better but makes life so much easier when trying to locate what you need. You could start by simply adding a racking system to your cupboards to create more space.


Under the bed

If you are not already doing so, you need to start using under the bed as a storage option. You can purchase bed frames that have been specifically designed to allow for extra storage. These beds are perfect for storing bulkier items such as towels, blankets or duvets. It is the perfect place to store belongings to keep them out of sight and out of mind.


Self-Storage in East London

If you have completely audited your home and there are a number of possessions that you would like to keep for the future, but simply cannot squeeze any more space out of your home; why not look into secure self-storage in E14? Here at Store That London Docklands our facility can offer self-storage units to suit any situation from drive up units in E14 to sea container rentals. Our facility is covered by 24/7 CCTV and onsite security; you can rest easy knowing your effects are well protected!


If you are interested in secure self-storage in E14 contact our team today on 0207 5151 300.

Crazy Finds in Peoples Attics with Store That Isle of Dogs, Part Two

If you are a frequent reader of our blogs here at Store That Isle of Dogs you would have probably seen our last blog that was about the craziest attic finds. Turns out there has been a lot of crazy stuff found in people’s attics. So, as a result, our team has once again done some research to bring you even more crazy stories of the things found in people’s attics.


Honesty or $45K?

A man from Utah once found in his newly acquired home’s garage loft a number of old ammunition tins. These tins turned out to contain $45000! After instantly thinking he had hit the jackpot; the man then started to think of the previous, now deceased resident and the family he left. Wanting to set a moral example to his children the man tracked down the oldest son of the previous resident and handed over every dollar! A truly honest and noble act. What would you have done?


What a creep

Back in 2012 a mother of five in the South Carolina, USA, heard strange noises coming from above her in her house. At around 2.30am one morning, nails started to fall from the ceiling to the floor. Feeling more than a little creeped out, the woman sent her nephew up into the attic to investigate. No one would have expected the nephew to have found that the woman’s ex-boyfriend; who she dumped 12 years previous, was living up there spying on her!

Hope you aren’t reading this at night, alone in your home!


I have a dream

A man from Nashville Tennessee, USA, called Steven Tull found an incredible slice of history in his father’s attic. After going through some boxes Steven discovered a reel of tape labelled ‘Dr. King Interview Dec 26, 1960.’ After borrowing an appropriate tape player Steven was shocked to hear an interview being conducted by his father with the interviewee; Dr Martin Luther King Jr.


Before you get out your step ladder and jump into the attic to see what you can find; you might want to consider moving some of those items already up there and in the way of your treasure hunt to a secure self-storage unit in E14.

Here at Store That Isle of Dogs, we have a huge range of self-storage units just a stone’s throw from Canary Wharf. Contact our team today for more information on 0207 5151 300.