Long-Term Self Storage in East London for Your Furniture

Whether you have old or antique furniture that doesn’t suit your East London home décor or have items that you are saving for when the children fledge the nest. Excess furniture can quickly make a home feel smaller and cluttered. Rather than keeping these pieces of extra furniture in your home; where they are at risk of becoming damaged or taking up much-needed space; you could look into self-storage in East London.


The team at Store That East London have compiled a list of the best ways to store and protect your furniture for the long term.


Clean it up

Before you store any furniture, you need to ensure each piece is thoroughly clean. Wipe down your piece of furniture with a fresh cloth. Use a cleaning solution that is suitable for the material you are cleaning. It is important to let the piece of furniture air out until completely dry. This is because any trapped moisture can damage furniture especially pieces that are made of fabric such as chairs or sofas.


Break it down

If you can disassemble a piece of furniture such as a wardrobe this can be very handy when it comes to transporting it to your storage facility. It will also save you space in your storage unit. This means that you can save money by getting a smaller unit or fit more into a larger unit.


Cover up

Now your furniture is prepped, you need to protect it, by covering and packing it up. When doing this try to pick materials that allow air to circulate. This can be materials such as blankets so that they keep dust away without causing condensation. Using plastic sheets can cause unwanted moisture in your unit by creating condensation.


Play Tetris

When loading your unit make sure you utilise the space while thinking about the well-being of your furniture. Although you want to make the most of the space; you need to keep some distance between your furniture to allow for air flow. Leaving space between your items will also reduce the chance of accidental damage if you ever have to remove or move a piece of furniture.


If you need storage space for your extra furniture, Store That East London can offer a range of self-storage solutions; from drive up units in E14 to sea containers for rent in East London. Contact our helpful team today on 0207 5151 300 to see how we can help you.

Crazy Finds in Peoples Attics with Store That Isle of Dogs, Part One

With the holiday season here; chances are most of us have crawled in our attics lately to retrieve the Christmas tree and decorations. However, when was the last time you went through everything up there? The attic is a firm favourite for people to store the items that they need out of sight and out of mind. Attic storage is rarely well organised as most people hate being up in one.

The team here at Store That Isle of Dogs has been looking into the craziest things people have found in their attics over the years, and the results might surprise you!


Shouldn’t that be in a museum?

Let’s start off with an insane one. A ten-year-old kid from Germany once ventured into his grandmother’s attic to discover that there was a mummified corpse being kept up there! Apparently, the boy’s grandfather acquired the mummy as a souvenir from a trip he made to North Africa in the 1950s. But, we imagine that boy probably didn’t have the best night’s sleep that night!


Oh My Gogh!

Back in 2013, a Norwegian man came forward with a painting that was thought to be a fake Vincent Van Gogh. But it turns out that it was I fact an original painting! The story is, that the man was originally told the painting was a fake. This was due to it not being signed by the artist. However, 10 years on from being told this the man decided to try again; where experts and new technology confirmed it was an original Van Gogh called Sunset at Montmajour, thought to have been painted in 1888.


From Russia with love

A man from New York found in his attic a meticulously crafted Faberge figurine. This incredible find was commissioned by Russian Czar, Nicholas II for his wife Empress Alexandra. It was detailed with gold trimmings and sapphires. After a 15-minute auction, it sold for $5.2 million!


So, if you are suddenly feeling motivated to empty your attic, to see if you can find some hidden treasure; remember that here at Store That Isle of Dogs our facility can offer self-storage units to suit any need.

Our units range from drive up units in E14 to 20’ sea container rentals. Our facility is covered by 24/7 CCTV and onsite security so you can rest easy knowing your effects are well protected.

Finally, if you are interested in secure self-storage in E14 contact our team today on 0207 5151 300.

Office Storage in London, what you Need to Know

It isn’t just homes that run out of storage space. Many office spaces can quickly run out of available storage. With technology always improving many offices find that they are updating their office equipment whether that be the computers, phones or desks. With limited space in a working office, it is important that any items that are in need of external office storage in London are moved out of the way as soon as possible.

Store That London Docklands has listed the common items that offices often put into secure self-storage.


Breach of data protection is a massive concern for a lot of businesses. With people’s details being documented on hard copies. It can be a worry about where to store them so that they are not under risk of finding themselves in the wrong hands. At the same time, file cabinets can take up a lot of room in an office.

By using a secure self-storage unit like the ones at Store That London Docklands your files will be locked away securely.


Many offices undergo a refurb from time to time. This often means that old furniture is in need of storing while you decide to keep or sell the old bits on. By using office storage in London, you are able to have quick access to the unit and its contents making life easier once you know what to do with them.

Seasonal items

With Christmas on the way, many businesses are probably decorating their office to get the staff motivated around this time of year. The trouble with decorations is that they only come out once a year. As a result, they take up much-needed office storage space. Instead of taking up space at the office why not look into a small self-storage unit to keep all the office’s seasonal belongings in.

Store That London Docklands offers everything needed to simplify your office storage and packaging needs. With padlocks to furniture covers, all available at a reasonable cost. We also have packages to suit everyone from temporary storage to short or long-term storage contracts. So, if you are in need of office storage in London for your business then contact us today on 020 7515 1300.


Conquer the Christmas Holidays with Secure Self-Storage in the Isle of Dogs

With the all the retailer’s Ads being released recently, Christmas is hanging in the air. As people start to seriously think about their Christmas shopping and what gifts to get who, the stress will inevitably hit. On top of all the pressure of buying gifts you also have the challenge of squeezing in the whole family around the dinner table or into your London flat. To ensure that Christmas goes as smoothly as possible you are going to have to get ahead of the crowds and ensure that you have enough space for the family.

To make sure that you get through Christmas with your sanity intact, the team here at Store That Canary Wharf has listed some ideas to see that Christmas holidays live up to your expectations.

Stash the clutter

With the family descending on you for your famous Christmas dinner you are no doubt staring at the living room or dining room and thinking ‘where is everyone going to sit?’ You may need to have a think about which guests are coming over and what you will and won’t need. If your coffee table, side unit or even computer are taking up valuable seating space then it might be a good idea to look into secure self-storage solutions.

Stock up on chairs

Getting enough chairs in before Christmas day is a good idea as it gives you the opportunity to do a trial run of where people can sit and plan the best use of the limited space you have. This also means that your guests don’t have to bring their own resulting in more boot space for all your presents!

Hiding the presents

It doesn’t matter how inventive you get at hiding the Christmas gifts the kids will be looking for them. If you want to be a gift hider level expert, then why not hide them in our secure self-storage unit in E14.

Here at Store That Canary Wharf our facility has 24hr CCTV and onsite security to ensure that the Grinch doesn’t come and ruin your Christmas. If you would like to know more about our secure self-storage in the isle of dogs, then contact our team today on 0207 5151 300.