5 Reasons why self-storage with us is a really good idea

People regularly put down storage and claim that it promotes hoarding, de-values objects and can overall be a complete pain for the owner of the goods they are placing in the hands of a commercial property, because of all the cowboy storage facilities out there. I don’t mean they don’t exist. What I mean is they are money grabbing, and what can you gain in return? Moth eaten sodden goods and a sour taste in your mouth?

Whilst we can completely empathise with this point of view, at our facility we ensure that there are procedures we take to completely reassure you our storage is the best storage facility around.

1)      We are specialised in the handling, packaging and wholesale price of plastic raw materials for our industry. This means not only do we live and breathe what we do, as we have done for 65 years, we also are trained in what we do and only hire the best staff to help you during what could be a particularly stressful time.

2)      Store That has 24/7 CCTV cameras running on site… pretty standard procedure though right? Well tell me how many storage facilities you know of with in-house security seven days a week, 24 hours a day. This does not only ensure the best security protection of your goods but also the protection of you personally when you are busily shifting things around long into the night which is especially good if you work long hours.

3)      We open 8am-5pm at the moment to keep savings down but if you are interested in visiting in an out of hours’ time you are more than welcome to call us and make an appointment; we will try to ensure that we can be here for you. Part of our USP is the personal touch we offer our customers.

4)      We have three different types of self-storage available; units, shipping containers and drive in units ranging from 20-150sqft. To help you with the safe delivery of your precious items we have forklifts, qualified handling staff and loading ramps. This, paired with an unloading/loading service of any vehicle, including sea containers and articulated Lorries, mean we are the best people for the job.

5)      Finally, because we specialise in having the best customer service around, we put our savings into our customers and consider exactly what it is you could want.

To arrange a no obligations viewing or have a chat with our team to see what we can do for you call us on:  020 7515 1300 or click here to contact us.

Self Storage in Canary Wharf

In honour of ‘National Women’s Equality’ Day, as a bit of fun- 20 mum’s were asked to confess the weirdest things found in their ultimate storage cases… Their handbags, and after our research we were shocked at the responses!

One woman emptied her contents of her bag to reveal a marker, children’s toothpaste, scissors, a CD a medicine dropper, and a WWE wrestling belt. The first thought that hits our mind is… Why on earth? We have no idea how this women finds use for a WWE wrestling belt, and perhaps we may not want to know! Another woman possessed  a toy hammer, a clown nose and a princess notebook- we’re not too shocked about this one, she obviously has her kids around her often!

Now one woman revealed in her handbag a sheriff’s badge, a frog on a rock, dice, a SpongeBob ring, my Leather-man, and a weird puppy cheerleader figure along with pliers. Now, this seems a little worrying to us, so we’ve made a conclusion that this woman is a crazy children’s toy serial killer. So nothing to unusual… right?

Next is a woman who presented 2 multi-use tools, a Greenies dog tooth brush, a moon rock calming stone, a guitar pick, a tiny pocket knife. Um, we don’t know what to make of this. The intimidating nature we’re getting from the tools and penknife, is counteracted by the calming stone. Kind of creepy if you ask us.

So if your handbag is cluttered, we bet our bottom dollar that your wardrobe and attics are cluttered too. If you need a storage solution within the London, then you will find no other storage company with our premium level of security and service. If you get stressed at the sight of mess, well as a solution, we are the best.

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Canary Wharf Storage

Let’s be honest, when you arrive home tonight, you’ll more than likely open your garage to find it stacked with clutter. It’s just one of those unfortunate facts of life, neglected items just get flung into the garage without a second thought. But what if you stored your random yet important (well might be one day) things with us? Think of the possibilities for your new empty garage space…
• A home office (or the lad pad.. just don’t tell the wife)
More and more people are working from home, so it only makes sense that you need your own space when you aren’t in the main office. Kit it out not only with your work and office supplies, but with your typical manly essentials- think Xbox, mini fridge, wide screen TV, and of course large speakers. Does that sound better than a garage full of loot? Of course it does…
• Gym
Something for the both of you! No gym subscription, no driving, just getting home to finding your private gym right on your doorstep. No other members making you jealous of their fantastic bodies, you have your own space to focus on your own goals. That beats a public gym any day.
• Playroom or kids den
A way to keep the kids out of your hair! If you’ve had a hard day at work, you can sit back and watch the kids playing and having fun. It’s also a cheeky place to store the family bikes!
• Spa Room
Treat the Mrs and get some brownie points! We’ve heard about garages being used to house a hot tub, which is a good idea considering the unpredictable British weather. Just put in a non-slip flooring, better safe than sorry right?
• A guest room
A pretty neat idea, having a guest room on the bottom floor. Or alternatively, if you think one of the members of your household would benefit from their own space, turn it into a little studio flat. Perfect for the elder son or daughter.
So, are you struggling for room in your garage? Do you think it could be put to better use? Well look no further, you’ve already stumbled across the solution to your problem. Store That Self Storage are one of the securest establishments in London, complete with 24 hour CCTV and just a walk away from Canary Warf.
Keep an eye on our site or contact us to see how our friendly team can help you worth your self storage needs in the Canary Wharf area of London.

Self Storage at Store That

When the words ‘Simplify your life’ float around, it’s hard to actually take them seriously. Everybody’s always on the go, rushing from A to B, constantly busy, never stopping. But we can help by taking a little load of your shoulders; by simplifying your storage. Maybe ‘Simplify your life’ week may not be so difficult after all.

  • Take a load off your mind: Here at Store That, we offer a secure site for your belongings, accompanied with a 24hr CCTV system. We are located in one of the most secure areas in London, just a walk away from Canary Wharf, so you and rest easy knowing that your belongings are safe with us.
  • Take a load off your hands: Our storage units may not be overly glamorous, but they are clean, spacious and reliable. We understand that your belongings deserve as much respect as you do; you don’t need to worry about being just another nameless customer who’s just a statistic, we are committed to giving you high quality service. After all, handing over your belongings into storage is a personal thing.
  • Take a load off your back: With forklifts, loading ramps and our friendly team of unloading staff, we aim to give you a smooth loading and unloading process. We offer also everything you may need for your storage and packaging, including padlocks, bubble wrap, cartons, tape, padding, furniture covers and much more.

So whether you are in need of Self Storage units, Drive- Up units, or Sea Containers, we at Store That can be confident in the fact that we offer exactly what you need. Our website offers further information, along with a size guide and contact details; we will always be happy to get a call from you!

So there we are, simplifying your life may have got just a little easier. Give us a call to speak to one of our team members on 020 7515 1300, or alternatively click here. We look forward to hearing from you!