Moving in With Your Other Half? Store That E14 Can Help

People throughout the UK are deciding to co-habit at a younger age than ever before. Many decide to do this as an important next step in a relationship, however this trend could be partly due to the ever-increasing London property prices, pushing up the cost of single living. In fact, the average rental price of a single bedroom flat in zones 1 or 2 currently stands at a whopping £1700pm, which makes it easy to see why many couples are choosing to move in together sooner and use self-storage E14. Splitting the rental costs can save you thousands of pounds a year – just think of all the things you can do with that extra cash! Of course, as exciting as this time is, it’s important to plan ahead as co-habiting in a small London flat doesn’t come without its challenges…

Think carefully about your use of space

When moving into a new place together, it’s important to work out how many duplicate items you own and discuss whether you need both lots in your flat or house! You probably won’t need those two kettles and twenty saucepans but at the same time you may not want to throw them away just in case you need them again in the future.

Be prepared to store some things away in safe storage

It can be tough deciding what stays and what goes when it comes to yours and your partner’s belongings. It’s important to compromise on some items, so that you have a fair and even split of both of your belongings. Cheap self-storage is the perfect solution for all of those extra bits and bobs you don’t need for the moment, but will look to use at some point in the future. In a few months or years down the line, you may well decide to upsize your home, meaning you can regather all of the items you stored away.

Here at Store That E14, just a short distance from Canary Wharf, we offer flexible rental agreements at affordable prices, so that you can keep your surplus belongings with us for as little or as long as you need. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your items either, as all of our storage units in E14 are closely monitored by both 24 hour CCTV and on-site security. We also have a range of unit sizes, so whether it’s a few boxes or an entire room full of contents that needs stowing away, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch today for further information and our friendly team will be happy to help.