Why Self Storage E14 is Perfect for Your Collectables!

Almost everybody has something they enjoy collecting, whether it’s paintings, toy cars, vinyl’s, even fine wines. Some of these items may be collected as a hobby or for sentimental reasons, whereas others are not only collectable but can also prove extremely valuable. Whatever you have assembled over the years, it’s probably true to say you want to keep them in pristine condition, because you wish to either hold on to them for a while longer or sell them on once they have increased in value. In this case, your primary concern will be keeping your memorabilia safe and secure. Many people choose to use their loft space, cupboards or boxes, however they can easily get knocked and soon gather dust. If you find yourself needing extra space in your home, yet aren’t prepared to let go just yet, self-storage E14 is great for keeping your valuables safe and secure until you need them again.

Our customers choose to use our self-storage in E14 because we offer a safe, clean and damp-free space for your belongings. Our state of the art facilities means that your books, comics or records can be kept in excellent condition for longer periods of time. Our wide range of unit sizes are also handy if you own larger items that need storing. Our flexible rental agreements mean you can decrease or increase your unit size and rental period as you need.

Further benefits to using our self-storage E14 include our 24-hour in-house security and CCTV, on-site loading staff and equipment as well as our policy of flexible length contracts. All you need to do is ensure your collectables are sealed in secure boxes and packaged appropriately (preferably with bubble wrap) for their protection. We have a wide range of packaging available at Store That, meaning our clients are able to come to us directly without the faff!

If you’re looking to relocate your keepsakes and wish to make the most of the extra space in your home, look no further than Store That E14. We are situated just a stone’s throw from Canary Wharf, the financial capital of the world. Give us a call or pop in and pay us a visit for more information.