Store That Canary Wharf: Make The Most Of Your Space This Festival Season

With some of the nation’s most popular music events, such as Download and Glastonbury, having been and gone, there are plenty more festivals lined up for this summer! So whether you’re going to Reading, V Fest or Creamfields, it’s all about storing your belongings securely while you endure a mosh-pit to the beat of the headline acts. The main concern for a majority of festivalgoers, apart from the rain, is the security of their belongings and having enough space to store everything they need.

Here are our top three tips for ensuring you make the most of the space around you at a festival, whilst ensuring secure storage:

The more clutter the better!

Usually, here at Store That Canary Wharf, we encourage decluttering your household on a regular basis. However, when it comes to your temporary home for the weekend, clutter in your tent can be a bonus!

Firstly, storing non-valuable, heavy items in front of your tent whilst you’re not there such as deck chairs, portable stoves and rubbish bins poses an obstacle to overcome for potential thieves and makes your tent a less appealing option - A simple but effective deterrent when keeping your items safe!

Multi-purpose should be your new best friend!

Anything you can take to a festival that has more than one use! For example, plastic cups; not only can they be used to pour your drinks in, they are the perfect solution for basic festival hygiene! Fill it up with water from a tap and use it to brush your teeth, wash your face, or wash your hair and so on and whilst you’re away from your tent and want to keep any small, fiddly items together such as keys, hairclips etc, use your cup holder!

Choose the disposable option!

Any festivalgoer will understand the struggle of lugging their belongings to and from the campsite, so keeping the content to a minimum is vital. Bringing your items to the campsite is usually fine, as the hype and buzz keeps up the momentum, however on the way back is a totally different story. Anything you can use up or throw away over the weekend, do so to ensure there is less to carry home!

Once the festival season comes to an end, our storage units near Canary Wharf, offer the perfect place to store your tents, chairs, and all of your other essential festival equipment until next year!

So if you’re looking for secure storage E14 to put away your belongings, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us today – 0207 5151 300.