Self-Storage Units In E14: Going Back To Uni!

Have you moved into your halls or student housing to find that you don’t have the space you expected to have?

Instead of taking all your possessions back home to your parent’s house knowing you’ll need access to some of it soon, you can use our drive up units E14 and other easy access self-storage units we have on offer at Store That Canary Wharf!

With our help, you can save the aggravation and keep your room tidier. In no time at all, you can check all your belongings in with us and go back out to enjoy the heat wave with your friends.

So what are the advantages?

  • Cheap
  • Hassle free
  • Our units are as damp and dust free as they can possibly be and will no doubt keep your stuff in better condition than they would be at home in your parent’s garage!

So whether you have books, clothes, shoes, games, skis or pretty much anything else, our storage units in E14 are the answer!

Arrange your stuff exactly as you’d like it, come and go as you please to find your belongings exactly where you left it - eradicating the stress of not being able to find your stuff at home!

Some tips to make life easy for you:

Label your boxes. If you know what is inside of each box, you will save yourself hassle and time when trying to find items you need quickly.

 Pack items within items. To maximise your space, pack items within each other Russian doll style.

For example, if your nan has given you a hideous bread bin that you can’t throw away, but don’t want in your student accommodation - pack smaller items such as makeup, CDs or stationary within the bread bin before packing that into a box ready for storage!

Sharing’s caring. To save on costs, share a self-storage unit with a friend. There will always be someone in your halls that have packed too much as well.

If you are moving into halls or uni accommodation in the next few weeks and find yourself in need of self-storage in E14, you know who to call.

Just get in touch with a member of our friendly team on 020 7517 1300 to find out how we can make your life that much easier!