Do you need Self-Storage?

As a nation, we often find ourselves taking in more and more possessions that we don’t have space for and can rarely find an opportunity to have a worthwhile declutter.

Now the nights are becoming longer, what great opportunity to decide what you need for your everyday life, what items are no longer any use to you and what can be put in self-storage Canary Wharf for the time being.

Not only does organising your possessions lead to a tidier home and help you find things quicker, but could also help clear your mind.

Here are the questions you should ask yourself:

1. Does it reflect your personality? It’s key to have objects in your home that reflect what you like.

Although it may match your décor, but did you buy it just for the sake of it?

2. When you see it, does it hold strong memories? Is it something you bought that appeared to be a good investment at the time?

Maybe you picked it up at a car boot sale or a charity shop - If so, store it in Store That Isle of dogs and give yourself some extra space until you decide if you want to keep it or not.

3. When did you last use/need it? Maybe you have a pasta machine that’s been collecting dust in the kitchen cupboard for a while now.

Ask yourself: Do I really need this?

6. Do I have something similar to this already?

If you’ve bought something that you liked and got home only to see that you already have a duplicate, (we’ve all done it) either donate it to a family member or store it in our storage units in E14 for the future. Who knows when you’ll need another stack of plastic boxes!

If you’re in need of storage solutions in E14 to store those treasured possessions that you just can’t throw away, consider self storage E14 - in our safe and accessible location.

Give us a call on 0207 5151 300 to discuss what would benefit your needs.

Did you know we have drive up units Canary Wharf and sea-container rental London Docklands?