Frequently Asked Questions about Self-Storage in E14

Have you ever considered self-storage in E14 but wanted to know more?

Well, here’s a collection of some of our most frequently asked questions to help your experience run smoothly with Store That Canary Wharf! If after reading these questions you have another to ask, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

How will my valuables be protected?

When storing your items, not only does StoreThat E14 offer a secure site but also CCTV coverage and 24-hour in-house security.

What type of units does Store That offer?

  • Self Storage units - internal units on the ground and upper floor level (20-100sqft)
  • Drive up units Canary Wharf – external units; raised floor to avoid flooding and roller shutters (70-135sqft)
  • Sea Container rental – internal storage, in brand new 20’ containers at ground level (155sqft)

What can’t I store?

Often it’s difficult to know where the boundary lies for what you can and cannot store. Food or perishable items, plants, flammable liquids, illegal substances and hazardous substances, however, are a definite no!

Where is Store That based?

Store That is situated at 122-126 Westferry Road, Isle of Dogs, London E14 3SG.

Does Store That sell packaging?

Yes, with Store That E14 you don’t have to worry about the hassle of travelling around to get extra supplies as they are sold on site. Moreover, this includes boxes; storage crates; padlocks; marker pens and more.

Do I have to hire the storage units in E14 for a long time?

At Store That, we understand that sometimes you don’t need storage long-term, and that’s ok! Therefore, we simply require a minimum rental period of one month.

What hours is Store That open?

We are open from 8am-5pm Monday to Friday. If you’d like to access your items at other times, feel free to get in touch and book an appointment.

Are there facilities to help store my items?

Yes, if you have items which are heavy or too large to maneuverer yourself, we have forklifts, loading ramps and are also able to offer a loading/unloading service of any vehicle including sea containers and articulated lorries.

So, if you have any extra questions regarding our self-storage units near Canary Wharf or would like a free quote, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our friendly team: 020 7515 1300.