Self-Storage Myths: Store That Self Storage Answers

Self-Storage at a glance can seem like a bad option for those looking to store their belongings without completely getting rid. To many, self-storage is seen as expensive; stressful and limited, but Store That hopes to put these misconceptions to rest and show how beneficial self-storage can be.

‘It’s Expensive.’

You may think that renting a whole storage unit would cost you an arm and a leg! But here at Store That Canary Wharf we provide units of all costs and sizes to suit your particular needs.

We also offer the storage and packaging products that you will need to keep your belongings safe and secure when with us. These include padlocks, bubble wrap, tape and furniture covers that are available at a reasonable cost.

‘It’s not safe.’

 Often, a worry about storing your valuables with a self-storage company is that your belongings could go missing or be damaged. At Store That we offer secure self-storage E14, with CCTV coverage and 24/7 in-house security to ensure that your items are kept safe when they are with us.

 ‘It’s only short term.’

A common drawback to self-storage is often thinking only short-term contracts are available, which might scupper your plans to live abroad or storing furniture for when you go to university. While this might be the case with other self-storage companies, at Store That we have temporary storage solutions as well as short to a long-term contract. This means you can be assured that we will have the right storage solution for you.

 ‘Units cannot be accessed when you like.’

When storing your belongings elsewhere, it means jumping in the car; for hours possibly; just to gather and take back your items. But what happens if you get there and it’s not open? Well, here at Store That our site is open during normal factory hours (Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5 pm) as well as being open at other times by appointment only, to make sure all our customers get the service they deserve.

 ‘It’s stressful.’

 It may seem difficult to use self-storage; how do you get your belongings to the site? How do you sort all your belongings? What will it cost monthly?

Store That’s staff offer a helpful and personal touch to the service to make sure your experience is hassle-free. We are available to assist you with the moving in process. We aid you to move your belongings from your car or van to our drive-up units Canary Wharf.

For further information about Store That’s self-storage units and packaging services, contact us now on 0207 5151 300.