Sea Containers: Things You Didn’t Know about Sea Containers

Loyal Store That customers will know that recently we had 10 BRAND NEW 155sqft sea containers installed at ground level and available for hire at our Canary Wharf site.

Our new sea containers have fully insulated roofs and ventilated sides to aid against condensation. With Store That Canary Wharf’s onsite 24-hour security and endless CCTV coverage; we can guarantee all your belongings will stay safe in our hands.

But did you know these strange facts about sea containers?

There are currently over 17 million shipping containers around the world. With five to six million of them sitting on shipping vessels; trucks and trains. In total, these millions of shipping containers make around 200 million trips around the world a year.

If provided with proper care and maintenance shipping containers can last for over 25 years.

If all the containers in the world were laid end to end they would go around the world more than twice.

All shipping containers have a CSC plate attached which works as a passport for the specific container.

Every year 10,000 shipping containers are lost at sea, equalling almost one container lost every hour! Lost containers can be damaged by waves and sink incredibly quickly but may float for a while and damage other sailing vessels.

However, you should be assured we will not lose ours which are on dry land!!

Sea containers are the perfect storage solution for those needing a large amount of space. The containers are designed to carry heavy loads and can be stood in high columns, meaning they have a variety of self-storage uses. Whether you’re in the moving process or just need a total clear out; our 155sqft containers will provide you with a massive amount of space. We also have a variety of other sizes including internal warehouse units and drive-up units ranging from 20 – 155sqft.

To find out more about our sea-container rental Canary Wharf, call 0207 5151 300 or email