Store That London Docklands Talks About Strangest Items Brought Back From Holiday

Store That London Docklands know what its like, you jet off on a summer holiday keen to explore a brand new, exciting place and come back with more souvenirs than we actually need.

But, how many of you have brought back a carrier bag full of sheared sheep’s wool or a stuffed hamster in your suitcase?

Store That London Docklands is a storage company in London; we have seen our fair share of weird and wonderful objects being put into self-storage. Store That London Docklands have put together a list of the weirdest items people have brought back from their travels.

Framed pictures of dead cats

When going through airport security, a woman from Sheffield was found to have pictures of her dead cats in her suitcase. When asked why she had them; she told airport staff that they went everywhere with her as she regarded them as 'part of the family' and liked to put them up in her room.

240 Live Fish - We’ll admit snorkeling is pretty fun. But it’s best the fish are left where they were - for your (and their) sake! While most airlines will actually let you ship your new fishy friends home via cargo. Don’t be the guy who was flying back home to Lancashire when he was spotted with 240 fish in four large hard-sided suitcases that were filled with nothing but water and fish!

Samurai Sword - If you’re ever in doubt of what you can and cannot bring with you on the plane - look it up! This could have saved a lot of time to passengers at a Boston airport; when a man attempted to board a plane with a samurai sword in his bag.

Songbirds - At LAX airport; the Department of Justice detained a man who tried to smuggle songbirds into the US in his trousers. More than a dozen of the birds were strapped to his legs as he walked out of Los Angeles Airport before being stopped by security.

Greek Statues – Airport security found two rare; ancient Kouros statues dating back to the 6th century B.C. They had once been displayed inside the National Archaeological Museum in Athens, in a man’s suitcase. The marble artifacts were confiscated from antiquities smugglers who were arrested near Corinth.

While we hope you aren’t bringing back stolen artifacts and live animals; if you come back to from your holiday and realise you don’t have space for all your holiday keepsakes, why not use Store That’s self-storage?

Maybe you have a surfboard you cannot store in your garden shed. Or an expensive dish you couldn’t bear to break. Based in the heart of East London, our storage units in E14 come in a wide range of sizes; ranging from 20 - 150 sqft. Store That’s two acre site is secured with full CCTV coverage and 24 hour in-house security. Which means your belongings will be safe with us.

To find out more information about Store That London Docklands’ self-storage services, call 0207 5151 300.