National Book Lovers Day: Keeping Your Favourite Books Safe for The Future with Secure Storage E14

Whether it’s your childhood fairytales or well-known classics, it’s the same old story, by the time you have read it for the millionth time; the pages are torn; cover is fraying and it's beyond saving.

However, with a little bit of love and attention (and self-storage), you can ensure all your favourite books are preserved and ready to be enjoyed for years.

At Store That Canary Wharf, we have dealt with numerous customers looking to store weird and wonderful items; everything from simple, office furniture to collectors items! In this time, the team have helped to store books, which bring their own unique challenges.

The best place for storing your books is in a pest-free and well ventilated environment like on the shelf of your attic or garage.

Here are some of our other tips for storing your valuables:

  • Never keep your books in a humid or damp space! They will quickly build up mold and damage the contents of your boxes, ruining your all-important books. And be sure not to wrap your books in plastic bags; plastic wrap or foil, as these materials encourage the molds.
  • Check surroundings for mice and insects. Before you even consider storing your books in a garage or attic space make sure there are no signs of pests. Important signs to look for are any evidence of dropping; urine; grease marks and any scratching or gnaw marks at skirting boards.
  • Use plastic containers. To ensure proper protection of your books; keep them in a weatherproof and moistureproof box. So, we suggest using new, plastic crates that are clean, dry, durable and sealable to avoid any damage to the items inside. Avoid using boxes used to store food previously - these odours can attract insects and rodents.
  • Wrap your books. If you’re worried about your books building up dust and dirt while being stored, keep them wrapped up using bubble wrap.

Don’t have the space? Why not let Store That’s team do the work for you!

Store That have developed a team of experts within the storage and shipping goods industry. Our 2-acre site in East London is protected by constant CCTV coverage and 24 in-house security, meaning we are more than happy to say we provide a secure self-storage E14 service.

We also have a range of storage units in E14 available in a variety of sizes, from 20sqft to 150sqft.

Finally, for more information about our self-storage solutions, why not get in touch with our team on 020 7515 1300.