Storage Ideas For Uni Students with Store That Storage Space E14

Unless you’re really lucky, your room in student accommodation is likely to be small. Even if it’s not the size of a cardboard box; you will probably end up keeping most of your belongings in your bedroom anyway. That means, what was a reasonably sized bedroom has now become a treasure trove to your student lifestyle.

Whether you have moved out of your parent’s house completely, or you’re just taking some of your bedroom belongings, our we have some helpful student storage ideas for you.

  • Vertical Space - Unfortunately, as a university student, it’s likely you will have more wall space than floor space; that means your floor space is precious! Instead of taking up the valuable breathing room, look to your vertical space instead. Whether it’s a coat hook behind the door; or using a shelf on the wall itself, these are inexpensive and easy to find items to match your room decor.
  • Utilise The Space Under Your Bed - The space underneath your bed can actually be useful if used properly. It can often fill up with empty suitcases, old pizza boxes and various underwear garments, but you have to make the most of the space. You could place all your spare bedding in the empty suitcases so it won’t get dusty, or install some under-bed drawers to store books and folders.
  • Make Use of Wardrobe Space - Sufficient clothing storage in your university halls is a must for many. However, most people struggle to fit at least half of their clothes into those tiny wardrobes. Most of the time it’s actually the hangers that take up a lot of space! Replace the ones you have collected at home; replace them with some slim-line velvet hangers and watch your wardrobe space expand!

Here's some furniture storage ideas:

  • Multipurpose Furniture - Fold away furniture can be a god send for students; especially when it comes to having guests over and house parties. While a student room normally comes with a bed; desk; chair and wardrobe, any extra furniture you want such as chairs, stools and desks can be stored away in your room until needed.
  • Furniture With Storage - Similar to multipurpose furniture, if you’re looking for extra storage space try items that double as storage. For example, a desk that also acts as book shelves in it or a bed with storage underneath. Not only are they useful for storing books and work for your “studies” but they will come in handy when you move into your own homes in the future.

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