Why To Rent A Sea Container For Self-Storage?

Steel shipping containers were traditionally manufactured so that they could cope with the extreme conditions. They would face this when transported on cargo ships across oceans; which were made from high tensile Corten steel. These containers were virtually indestructible which made them extremely safe and secure for their journey.

In recent years people have found other ways to use these highly sturdy containers; from swimming pools to pop-up shops. Shipping containers have been used in ways to create a space for the public to enjoy. In our case, our east London sea containers are being used to keep our customers’ valuables safe.

Store That Canary Wharf offer our customers our 20’ ground-level sea containers because we know how robust and secure they are. Each gives approximately 155 sq ft of internal storage; this is particularly useful for anyone who is moving house.

While it may be a weird concept for people to get their heads around. Store That Canary Wharf have come up with a few reasons why you should use sea containers:

●  Firstly, durability - Using standard ISO freight containers; our sea storage containers are made to withstand the rigors of marine transportation; so they are constructed with a high tensile steel rigid framework. With steel walls and doors and rot/vermin-proof flooring. You can rest-assured that your belongings will stay in tip-top condition with us.

●  Our sea containers are secure - Our storage containers are extremely secure and virtually vandal-proof using lockable handles. These security measures protect the locks from being tampered with by any thieves.

● Air-tight - A typical problem with sea containers is condensation; which can wreak havoc with your belongings. However, our sea containers are built with insulated roof sides to prevent the inside of your container getting damp.

Therefore, shipping containers are perfect to hire as a storage solution. Not only are they robust; lockable and watertight but they give you lots of space to play around with. For more information about our sea container storage London. Call us on 0207 5151 300.