Top Three Tips to Cheat The 2018 January Sales

“SALE!”, “NEW YEAR BARGAINS!”, “JANUARY OFFERS!”. The big red SALE signs in the shop storefronts have long been a divider of public opinion. Love or hate the New Year rush, January Sales can be the opportunity to buy the Christmas present you wish you received. However, with the hundreds of companies offering you the “best price”, how do you bag the best deal? Store That tells you how:

What about the web?

You most probably used the web for Christmas gifts, so why not for your January Sales? Most often, prices online are at their most competitive with other online retailers (Amazon vs eBay, for example) but for the major brands, they can be a bit cheekier with matching their in-store sale with online. Check the hundreds of price comparison sites available to really crunch those numbers. Especially if you’re planning on jetting off this January for a spot of winter sun, try

Go thrifty

Independent and even second-hand shops don’t shout “BARGAINS” like the high-street chains do, but you could find some great picks in small businesses. Store That E14 recommend heading down to Camden Market, Covent Garden or Shoreditch to peruse all the best funky and specialised products. Think vinyls, vintage jewellery and even a new electric guitar if that takes your fancy, all for up to 75% off the original price. This way, you’re beating the crowds and nabbing a unique piece, almost guaranteed.

Think ahead

While you’re out in the rain and the cold this January, the last thing you’re probably thinking about is ways to keep cool. But now 2018 has arrived, so will the longer, warmer summer months (and hopefully a three-day heatwave from the Med). So, now’s the time to grab those out-of-season electronical bargains in advance, like air-conditioning tools, a barbeque or a paddling pool for the kids.

While we think there’s a bargain to be found out there this January, keeping hold of your olden but golden belongings from the years gone by is equally as important. If you’re finding storing the summer wardrobe is taking up too much space or you’ve simply overspent at the sales and it’s time for a clear out, our storage units in E14 offer a secure, safe and weather-protected option for your things. Give us a call on 020 7515 1300 for free quote today.