Top Tips for Downsizing Your Home with Store That Canary Wharf

Whilst the prospect of moving house can be exciting. There are a number of practicalities and initial logistics that can often make moving day particularly stressful. Whether it’s finding the time to pack up all of your furniture or organising the physical move itself. However, if there is one thing more stressful than just moving. It’s moving into a smaller home than your current one.

When downsizing to your new property, you are forced to look at everything you own and decide what items have priority in your new home. Which is tough to say the least.

At Store That Self Storage East London, we understand how difficult downsizing can be so here are a few of our top tips to make your move as stress-free as possible.

Create a plan - Once you know you have secured the purchase of your brand new home. Be sure to have a floorplan to hand. This will help you to work out how much space you have to play with and decide how many of your valuables you can take with you before you move.

Find other ways to keep sentimental items - Your home becomes a part of you. So there will be lots of items that bring back precious memories you may find hard to leave behind. We would never recommend ‘getting rid’ of sentimental items. So we recommend finding alternative storage for them like our secure self-storage in E14.

Get smart with your furniture - Scale is important to making a home feel uncluttered and spacious. Often, if you have a large home now, you may find that your current furniture won’t fit properly in your smaller house. Start looking for examples of “downsized furniture” such as a love seat rather than a second full sofa, a dining table that folds away or a sofa bed instead of separate beds for guests.

Are you planning to move house this year? Why not consider storing your precious belongings in a self-storage unit? Our friendly team can be a great deal of help and improve your peace of mind during this period.

How We Can Help

Not only do our team provide high quality yet affordable storage units in E14. All of our storage units are covered by 24-hour CCTV protection as well as in-house security guards to keep your belongings safe.

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