Create the Perfect Space to Work from Home

With more and more jobs across a variety of industries introducing flexible working hours. It makes sense to start considering a home office. However, many people are often quick to say that they don’t have the space or are simply the owners of too much stuff!

Firstly, working from home hosts its own range of benefits- you’ll often find you have a better work-life balance. You save money on your commute and you’ll probably find that your productivity is increased. At Store That, self storage East London, one of our favourite phrases is ‘a tidy room is a tidy mind’. So, here’s how you can create the home office of your dreams!

Use social media responsibly

In addition, when it comes to finding inspiration for redecorating a particular room. It’s very easy to go crazy on the Pinterest boards and find some examples which are expensive and unattainable. Think about practicalities rather than the aesthetic value. A quirky floating shelf may look great, but is it stable enough to hold your 10-ton HR documents? You may love the idea of inspirational quotes. However, will they distract you whilst you’re in the midst of a very busy procrastination session?

Consider your storage options

Furthermore, it depends which room you’re planning to transform into an office. Maybe it’s the garage, your beloved art studio at the bottom of the garden, or the spare bedroom. You’re going to need to consider what you’re going to do with the current furniture occupying the space. As aforementioned, you’re going to need as much empty space as possible. If the home office is a long term plan. Why not consider self storage, East London? At Store That E14, we have a variety of options that will suit you ranging from sea container rentals or ground floor space, London. We’ve got one of the best secure self-storage in E14.

Play with natural light and greenery

Try placing your desk closer to the windows and place it parallel to the panes. Not only will the natural light make you feel more productive, but when you need to take short breaks. You can admire your surroundings. It’s also proven that plants make people happier, so why not invest in that house plant you’ve wanted for ages?

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