Creative Ways to Use Secure Self-Storage E14

There’s often a common misconception when it comes to hiring storage units in E14. That they can only be used to store items that your home can’t facilitate. However this simply is not the case!

Storage space in E14 can become an absolute lifesaver when it comes to making room for valuable space in your home. If you use the space effectively, it means you can finally transform your free space into the games room you’ve always wanted. The Store That team have put together a list of creative ways to make the most of your storage.

A workshop

Does one of your favourite hobbies involve taking in old items and giving them a new lease of life? Over the years, things such as craft fairs and up-cycling have become somewhat of a common interest. A secure storage unit in E14 is the perfect opportunity to start up your own craft business. Perhaps you can even store all your ongoing projects in one of our drive-up units in Canary Wharf!


If you’re somebody who has a passion for fashion. Why not take the opportunity to hire some storage space, E14 and transform the unit into your very own seasonal wardrobe? After all, you may be finding that your wardrobe at home is gradually taking over the entirety of your bedroom floor.

But how do you transform your storage unit E14 into the wardrobe of your dreams? It’s simple! Using portable clothing rails as well as plastic containers and air tight bags, not only will you clear some space in your home, but you can protect your clothes that aren’t in use from any potential damage.

Display your infamous collection

Maybe you’re someone who enjoys collecting memorabilia of their favourite band or film. You can easily add shelves and cases in our storage space E14 to showcase your collection. We also recognise that everyone’s belongings are special, which is why we have 24 hour monitored CCTV on site.

Store That Canary Wharf

Store That Canary Wharf

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