The Practicalities of Sea Container Storage with Store That Canary Wharf

You may have recognised that the popularity of sea containers has significantly increased over recent years. Whether they’re used for housing; restaurants or quirky art galleries, they’re almost everywhere. This week, Store That Canary Wharf are here to talk about the benefits of sea container rentals.


Naturally, the prevailing benefit of sea container storage is the amount of space they can provide. They will allow you to store a significant number of items for as long as you need. For context, 155sqft gives you the storage space of a 3 bedroom flat or a medium size house, making them the perfect solution for when you’re moving home.


A major advantage of sea container storage is the security they provide. To ensure your belongings are safe all year round, we not only offer CCTV coverage. We also have 24 hour in-house security. If you wish to have even more security, you can purchase one of our heavy duty secure padlocks. Sea container rentals are perfect if you’re moving buildings and are looking for some well needed office storage in London.


Originally, sea containers were built and constructed to meet ISO freight standards which means they are designed to withstand the rigours of marine transportation. Our sea container storage has ventilated sides and an insulated roof along with rot/vermin proof flooring; steel walls and steel doors so your most prized possessions are protected.

Various accessories

Another benefit of sea containers is the number of accessories you can purchase to enhance your sea container experience. Whether it be container padlocks, lock boxes, moisture traps, ramps or container lighting, there are multiple options you can purchase to protect your belongings and personalise your container.

Welcome aboard! Store That Canary Wharf has recently installed a further 15 sea containers onto our 2 acre site, providing you with 155sqft of internal storage.

If you would like more information about the process of hiring sea container rentals, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Store That Canary Wharf today on 0207 5151 300.