What To Expect from an East London Storage Facility

Our team are incredibly passionate about the storage industry. In fact, who else would know how The Doctor tidies her Tardis except us! Sadly, not everyone shares our passion for storage! From quirky container designs to organisation tools, storage facilities are incredibly intriguing as well as helpful to your needs!

So, what can you really expect from an East London storage facility? Our team reveals all.

It’s Quirkier Than You Think

If you’re a regular follower of our blogs, you’ll know all about the wonderfully weird world of storage. Our East London storage facility aims to breakdown the ‘boring’ stereotypes by revealing the fascinating secrets of the industry. From storage tips, to strange theories about Superhero storage, East London self-storage is quirkier than you first expect!

More Than Just Storage Bins

The service we provide is something our East London team pride ourselves on which is why Store That offers more than just storage “bins”. Our team offer everything you could possi-bly need to help keep your container organised. From padlocks to bubble wrap, to boxes and furniture covers, we provide everything you need at a reasonable price. We even pro-vide a forklift for those heavy-duty items that you cannot lift alone.

A Friendly Team

Self-storage in E14 is nothing like our favourite show, Storage Hunters. In fact, the rows and fights over storage bins you see on the show are non-existent here! At Store That, London Docklands, we provide a friendly and drama free storage service to ensure you have all the help you need when putting away your treasured possessions.

What’s more, we offer a wide variety of containers to suit your budget and needs. From drive up units to sea container storage, our facility provides the perfect solution for you. If you would like more information about our East London Storage Facility, get in touch with our team through our website info@storethat.co.uk or call 020 7515 1300 today.