Self Storage at Store That

When the words ‘Simplify your life’ float around, it’s hard to actually take them seriously. Everybody’s always on the go, rushing from A to B, constantly busy, never stopping. But we can help by taking a little load of your shoulders; by simplifying your storage. Maybe ‘Simplify your life’ week may not be so difficult after all.

  • Take a load off your mind: Here at Store That, we offer a secure site for your belongings, accompanied with a 24hr CCTV system. We are located in one of the most secure areas in London, just a walk away from Canary Wharf, so you and rest easy knowing that your belongings are safe with us.
  • Take a load off your hands: Our storage units may not be overly glamorous, but they are clean, spacious and reliable. We understand that your belongings deserve as much respect as you do; you don’t need to worry about being just another nameless customer who’s just a statistic, we are committed to giving you high quality service. After all, handing over your belongings into storage is a personal thing.
  • Take a load off your back: With forklifts, loading ramps and our friendly team of unloading staff, we aim to give you a smooth loading and unloading process. We offer also everything you may need for your storage and packaging, including padlocks, bubble wrap, cartons, tape, padding, furniture covers and much more.

So whether you are in need of Self Storage units, Drive- Up units, or Sea Containers, we at Store That can be confident in the fact that we offer exactly what you need. Our website offers further information, along with a size guide and contact details; we will always be happy to get a call from you!

So there we are, simplifying your life may have got just a little easier. Give us a call to speak to one of our team members on 020 7515 1300, or alternatively click here. We look forward to hearing from you!