Self Storage in Canary Wharf

In honour of ‘National Women’s Equality’ Day, as a bit of fun- 20 mum’s were asked to confess the weirdest things found in their ultimate storage cases… Their handbags, and after our research we were shocked at the responses! One woman emptied her contents of her bag to reveal a marker, children’s toothpaste, scissors, a CD a medicine dropper, and a WWE wrestling belt. The first thought that hits our mind is... Why on earth? We have no idea how this women finds use for a WWE wrestling belt, and perhaps we may not want to know! Another woman possessed  a toy hammer, a clown nose and a princess notebook- we’re not too shocked about this one, she obviously has her kids around her often!

Now one woman revealed in her handbag a sheriff's badge, a frog on a rock, dice, a SpongeBob ring, my Leather-man, and a weird puppy cheerleader figure along with pliers. Now, this seems a little worrying to us, so we’ve made a conclusion that this woman is a crazy children’s toy serial killer. So nothing to unusual… right?

Next is a woman who presented 2 multi-use tools, a Greenies dog tooth brush, a moon rock calming stone, a guitar pick, a tiny pocket knife. Um, we don’t know what to make of this. The intimidating nature we’re getting from the tools and penknife, is counteracted by the calming stone. Kind of creepy if you ask us.

So if your handbag is cluttered, we bet our bottom dollar that your wardrobe and attics are cluttered too. If you need a storage solution within the London, then you will find no other storage company with our premium level of security and service. If you get stressed at the sight of mess, well as a solution, we are the best.

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