Enjoying a Hobby in a Self-Storage Facility

o-TOY-COLLECTION-facebookEveryone has things they like to do in the evenings when it comes down to their precious ‘me time’, and every individual is, well… individual! Certain people love to make puzzles, others have a film collection big enough to rival Netflix and some prefer to collect items they can build, or even just look at.

People who collect classic car toys, or Swarovski ornaments need to keep their items in pristine condition somewhere cool in their original packaging to ensure that they will stay in top-notch order, however, this can take up space, and changes to your living or family situation can make it difficult to retain your hobby whilst still having the room available to live and function properly in your home.

Everyone has seen pictures in the newspaper of proud collectors standing in their spare bedroom admiring their items of fancy whilst their partner stands to one side, arms folded, looking cross. Whether you need that extra space for a bedroom, office or just somewhere to chill out, tensions and arguments over the room may soon become unbearable.

At Store That we can offer the perfect solution, whether you wish to gather collectables, teddies, comic books, or a plethora of other items that are precious to you, our self-storage facilities are cool, dry and secure, boasting 24/7 CCTV footage and manned guarding which ensures that no matter what you’re storing, your items are safe with us!

The idea of keeping collectables in self-storage could sound daunting to you if you’ve placed a vast amount of time, money and care into your hobby, however, this has been normal practice for years and could be the perfect solution for you. All you need to do is make sure your collectables are off of the floor and are sealed in our secure boxes. Using bubble wrap for breakables and plastic seal bags for expensive or rare books can also be a great way to ensure that even in the box they are safe. Remember that newspaper can rub of and leave marks so is far from ideal in terms of padding out space!

If you are staring at a room that’s full from top to toe with collector’s items, then think about getting in contact with us and making the most of that storage collection! It may be the best decision you’ve ever made!