Everyone Can Benefit From Store That!

Throughout our lives we have all accumulated ‘stuff,’ items that take up too much space in the house, loft, garage or even shed! If you are a family that has or had children growing up and eventually moving out you could decide to simply get rid of these items but truth be told there will be an abundance of belongings that are either sentimental or just plain useful that we cannot bear to part with. Many of us like to build collections and that certainly isn’t restricted to children. From cards to ornaments or even antiques we all have our own quirky assortment of items that are worth something to us, or in some cases other collectors!

Store That can help keep your belongings safe and free from damp and to make matters even better we offer a range of units in a variety of sizes so we are sure to have the perfect unit just for you.

Every parent knows that toys can be a nightmare, the small ones clog up the hoover or get trodden on and the larger items take up space and only hold the interest of a child for a short period of time. Again, our self-storage units can be the answer to your parental woes, even if it is just for a month or two.

We offer units from 25sqft up to 150 sqft and also provide drive up units and sea containers so no matter what your requirement we will have the right unit for you.

Storing your unused items can free up a home and make your living area not only more spacious but healthier due to the lack of dust. If you have ever considered self-storage why not give our friendly team a call, we are always happy to answer any of your questions and explain how it all works.