Getting The Office Organised With Store That Canary Wharf

It can be difficult to keep on top of things at work! With so much on your mind each day it can leave you wishing for the weekend after an unproductive week! Every business will create what seems like never ending piles of paperwork over the months. So, if you find yourself wading through a sea of overflowing files in the office all too often, we suggest a few simple steps to help minimise the muddle it can leave you in Monday to Friday.

It’s best to keep on top of the paperwork in order to stop it all piling up because when you spend too much time trying to find things, you spend less time getting work done. This is why archiving is such a good idea. It involves filing away old papers to keep them organised yet easily accessible. Gone are the days of flapping about finding the file you need for proof of purchase or scrambling to find signed sheets!

However, there are only so many filing cabinets you can fit in to one office, you might be boxed in by a few dozen right now whilst reading this blog! The answer is simple: You don’t need to store in the office!

The storage units in E14 we offer act as a practical and cheap solution for storing all your business records safely. Close enough to access if needs be but far enough away that it’s out of your hair!

Archiving your documents with Store That Canary Wharf means that your office space will feel tidier and cleaner and with everything neatly filed away, you’ll be able to concentrate and relax in ample desk space.

You can start storing just a few boxes at a time or fill 100 square foot of storage space with your files if necessary, just watch out for paper cuts!

It just so happens we have a number of newly built ground floor units with space ranging from 80 to 140 square foot. Easily accessible, dry and secure, these fabulous new units are ideal for office storage if you have an overflow of files!

Simply store the records you rarely look at with us and keep the latest year’s worth in the office where you need it, you’ll thank us for it later!