Store That Canary Wharf: Storage Following Bereavement

Following a family bereavement, self-storage may not be the first thing on your agenda; however, it can really help alleviate stress during a very difficult time. Although inconvenient, sometimes selling a property has to be the immediate priority in order to clear any debts, tax or other bills. Of course, along with this comes the hurdle of the contents of the house. Although some belongings may be of value and could help financially if they were to be sold, others will have sentimental value. Parting with these belongings can be really difficult and upsetting, which is why self-storage can be a helpful alternative.

Although you may have some storage space at yours or your family’s homes, it is often not enough and the conditions of damp garages and sheds are far from ideal for special or valuable items. If you simply don’t have the space, you can hire clean, dry and secure units in a whole range of sizes at Store That Isle of Dogs. With our 24-hour CCTV, you will never have to worry about the safety of your belongings.

At Store That E14, we have flexible leases, meaning you can take as much time as you need in deciding what to do with everything long term. Our friendly staff can help you every step of the way, from choosing the right unit right up to unloading your items when you arrive. With forklifts, loading ramps and handling staff on site, we help load all of your belongings into the units safely.

We are just a stone’s throw from Canary Wharf in E14, our location is perfect for those living in London and the surrounding areas. We will help you in any way that we can; our self-storage means the stress of storing belongings is lifted and there is one less thing to worry about during a difficult time. A useful, short-term solution whilst you focus on more pressing issues.