New Year Moving Blues: Store That Has Sorted That!

Whether you’re accustomed to the ways of the property world or if it’s your first time on the property ladder, moving can be an incredibly stressful time. If you’re choosing to move from a four-bed to a two-bed, if you are leaving home or moving for more space, furniture storage during the moving process can cause added and unwanted hassle. A house or flat of any size contains far too many furnishings to take to a new home in just one trip so it can be reassuring to know that your items are all safely stored away until you need them; one less thing to worry about!

Even when the furniture removal is sorted, often moving doesn’t always go quite as smoothly as planned. We frequently have customers who come to us looking for a short-term storage solution after unexpected delays have prevented them for moving in when they would have liked.

Perhaps, there are some furnishings that just aren’t in keeping with your new home. Some items can be easily disposed of but granny’s collection of china plates and other family keepsakes that have sentimental value you will want to keep safe… just maybe not in your beautifully modern, clutter free new home!

Whatever your moving quandary, Store That are on hand to help minimise stress at a time like this, we offer cost effective and safe storage units in E14.

To save rushing around and having to get organised in a hurry, our storage units near Canary Wharf bide you some much-needed time and breathing space away from all of the boxes and bagged up clothes. Should you need any extra package, however, we do provide everything from boxes and crates to masking tape to ensure you have everything you need to make storing with us as easy and manageable as possible.

Get in touch with a member of our team today to find out how we can help you!