Store That E14: Choosing The Right Self-Storage Solutions For You

Self-storage E14 can be a useful and affordable solution to the every day problems lots of people face. Whether it’s for business purposes, clearing out a spare room or moving; secure self-storage provides some much needed space to get organised. When considering using storage units in E14 there are a few factors you should deliberate to ensure it is the right solution for you.

What kind of storage do you need?

Considering the size of the space is crucial otherwise you could end up with something that is unsuitable or not cost effective; too big and you won’t fill the unit, too small and you could need a second storage unit. Once you know exactly what you are looking to store, speak to Store That Canary Wharf! We offer self-storage units in E14 that are big enough to accommodate belongings from an entire house or smaller, more short term storage.

How accessible are the storage units?

It is important to consider location when you choose your storage solutions in E14 because if you are likely to return frequently or need to make several trips, the facility should be a short distance away with easy and helpful access.

At Store That E14, as a result of our great prices and exceptional service, we are introducing brand new units with numerous access points to ensure that no unit will be far from where you can park, making for easy unloading.

What are the facilities like?

All of our units including our new self-storage units In E14 are of varying size. All units are of the latest high spec unit design with full CCTV coverage and easy access.

Whilst our new units are expected to be ready in March, we still have plenty of self-storage units and drive-up units available for use right now! To get an idea of the size of storage unit you might need, click here.

Whilst weighing up cost is important, the kind of service and secure storage you will be receiving is crucial too. You shouldn’t sacrifice customer service and safe storage for a cheap price. Luckily, at Store That you don’t have to! Get in touch today.