Store That Canary Wharf Talks: Getting Organised With The Kids

May half term signifies for many mums and dads that Summer is well and truly on it’s way and whilst for some this can be a pleasing thought, for others there is the slow realisation that you are not ready for the warmer months! Whether you are planning BBQ’s with family and friends, getting out in the garden with the kids or hosting a few summer parties in the house, a bit of organisation when it comes to the party planning and some space around the house is crucial.

April and May are the most popular months for home improvements with the warmer weather enticing people to spring clean, tidy up and have a clear out. A week off at half term offers the perfect opportunity to get organised but how do you manage to have a clear out and entertain the kids?

Store That Canary Wharf has some top tips to help you juggle both!

Have a cleaning contest – By making it fun you can keep the kids attention. Perhaps, whoever can tidy their room the quickest wins or whoever puts the most stuffed toys in a box ready to be taken to our storage units in E14!

Keep it short and sweet – Getting the house spick and span within the half term break can be a daunting task but it can be done. It’s important not to get distracted and with children to occupy we can appreciate that this is easier said than done. By tidying for just small periods of time each day you’ll find things get done quicker. A thirty-minute clean up each morning is much easier for a family to accomplish and it leaves the rest of the day to have fun.

Whistle while you work – Stick some music on and watch them bounce, jump and spin in to action. Tackle one room at a time, start downstairs and work your way up until you've finished the entire house. You’ll be in need of our storage units near Canary Wharf in no time at all!

Once the hard work is done, all that’s left for you to do is box up the teddies, toys and games and take them down to Store That E14. Our secure storage E14 offers the perfect solution for all the items you or the kids aren’t quite ready to part with yet and it means your living space can remain clutter free for friends and family this summer! Give us a call on: 020 7515 1300 today to find out how we can help!