Quick and Easy Ways to Increase Space in your Home with Store That E14

Irrespective of where you live – whether it’s a mansion, or in a box room at your parents – there never seems to be enough space! However, the solution doesn’t need be as drastic as moving to a bigger house. Here at Store That Canary Wharf, we’ve compiled a list of ways you can increase space in your home and give it a fresh feel for the summer. Move non-essential items out

Everyone owns items that are only used a few times a year, which are then left in the corner of a room to gather dust. Whether it’s those woolly jumpers or the garden furniture, not all belongings can be within immediate reach at all times. Attics, garages and garden sheds are all within close proximity, in case the sun decides to make a brief appearance, as well as being great home storage solutions in E14!

Buy multi-purpose furniture

There are so many options on the market for products with more than one function. Take a sofa bed for example, this practical piece of furniture works perfectly as a couch or chair when it’s not needed as a place to rest your head. Plus, it also looks stylish, meaning that it’s not restricted to the spare room! Try to get creative with your multi-functional furniture too - why not buy a footrest that doubles up as storage?

Stack upwards

The less floor space there is, the smaller a property will feel. If you’re imaginative, you could always incorporate storage in with your décor! Go with your natural instinct and pile items high. Woven baskets are great for giving your property a more traditional feel, while a cool clear box can complement your modern interior.

Don’t just change the room, change your habits

Regular clear-outs may seem boring, but the less there is to store the more space you’ll have. You’ll be amazed by what you can achieve if you go around the house once a month removing clutter.

Remember, you always have the option of storing your belongings away in storage units near Canary Wharf if you are not prepared to let them go for good. Each of our storage units in E14 are well protected by our 24-hour CCTV and in-house security for your peace of mind. With units ranging from 20 sqft to 150 sqft in size, we’re bound to have the storage space available to suit your needs.

To find out more about what we have on offer, get in touch with our brilliant team at Store That today on 020 7515 1300.