Get Organised For The School Year With Store That

Whilst your children might prefer another 4 weeks before having to think about going back to school. Now is, the prime time to get them organised for September. Here are some top tips from Store That to help prepare for a stress-free school year!

Get into a routine!

Some of us can forget what a routine is like even after one weekend. So, imagine what six weeks off could do for your schedule! To ensure your child has enough time adjusting to early starts and new faces, it’s a good idea to get back into a solid routine one or two weeks before.

Get organised and have a clear out before the start of term. Whether the kids tidy their rooms or help you around the house. Rewarding them for their hard work will help towards giving them some responsibility of their own and get them back in the habit of a routine. Any toys they feel too old for now as they head into the next year up can still have sentimental value. Store That Canary Wharf is here with our storage units in E14!

Out with the old, In with the new!

If you have more than one child. It’s a good idea to hold onto their old uniform for when a younger sibling needs it. Similarly, for older children in secondary school. Any school books, projects or information you think would be helpful a second time around for a child coming through a few years later, its best to store them away.

However, space is needed to store and when you haven’t got a spare cupboard at home, there is always self-storage in E14!

At Store That we have a number of units ranging in size from 20sqft right the way up to 140sqft. So if you need somewhere to keep your belongings safe and store the school stuff, head over to see us today or give us a call on 020 7515 1300