Store That E14 Talk: Home Space Hacks Storage Solutions

With the UK set to experience a 2-week long heatwave this month, it’s understandable that we would all like some extra room to make our homes more breathable.

To make more space, you don’t need to upsize your home - you just need to utilize the space you have more efficiently.

There may even be effective storage solutions that you may have not even considered previously. Here are some top tips that will help you start to grow the space within your home.


The first step to increase the space within your wardrobe is sorting out clothes you wish to keep/wait for winter/donate.

Don’t forget – don’t throw clothes away if they’re out of season, Store that Canary Wharf provides short-term storage solutions in E14 so that you can hold onto your jumpers and other wintery items until you need them again!

If after this you still have lots of clothes and not enough room to hang them, use fizzy can tabs or S-hooks to mount several hangers on to one. This means you can not only have more space to hang additional items, but you could also use this as an organisational tool to gather outfits together or to categorise such as clothes for work.

Drawer Organisation

We all have a drawer in our homes dedicated to almost everything you can think of; the cluttered drawer. This can seem like quite a challenge to tackle and if you want to simply organise this area, use small containers or drawer dividers to separate spare batteries from birthday candles! If you simply have too many clutter drawers to count and too much of it is useful, there is always self-storage in E14!

Outdoor rooms

One way to add an extra room into your home is to take advantage of what outdoor space you have – whether this is a cosy garden with enough room for a set of table and chairs, or a large green space, there is always an opportunity to enhance the space. Adding outdoor furniture and bright plants can turn a garden from dull to an inviting space for you and your guests.

If you do invest in outdoor furniture, make sure you have a backup plan for the wetter weather – such as secure self-storage isle of dogs to protect against rust, mildew and other furniture destroying elements.

Multi-use furniture

Investing in multi-use furniture can allow you to organise and arrange your items in a way that clears clutter from table tops and the floor. Brilliant examples include beds with drawers, sofa beds and coffee tables with underneath shelving.

Interested in increasing space within your home without the hassle? Store That secure storage E14 offers many options such as drive up units which allow you to keep all of your valuables and maximise space at the same time.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us for storage solutions in E14: 020 7515 1300