The A-Z Of Moving House

When it comes to moving house, it’s hard to know where to start. As furniture begins to pile up and endless amounts of cardboard boxes line every room, it begins to become overwhelming – but don’t worry. Here is the A-Z of moving house!

A: AHH: You’re moving – you’ve got this, breath!

B: Boxes: We all know moving house requires millions of boxes – to save on money and help the environment try to reuse some of your household items original packaging and if not, there’s always plenty of packaging available at our storage units in Canary Wharf

C: Confirm your moving date: Aim for midweek as opposed to Mondays, Fridays and the weekends as these are the most popular days with moving companies

D: Dentists and Doctors: Ensure that you reregister your dentist and doctors to ones closer to your new home!

E: Empty Clutter: Do this first! Throw away anything you don’t need, put things you do need into secure storage E14 and donate the rest.

F: Freezer: Make sure you defrost the freezer and use up leftover items.

G: Grandparents: See if a grandparent or family member can lend you a hand and keep the kids busy for a day!

H: Home insurance: Double check your home insurance covers your contents as you move and when you arrive.

I: Inspiration: Use Pinterest to create inspiration boards of house decorations you love the look of or alternatively take a look at the nifty storage hacks the team at Store That Canary Wharf have put together!

J: Journal: Keep track of to-do lists, contact numbers and other important dates in a journal.

K: Key cut: Provide family members and trusted friends with your new key.

L: Labels: Label everything. Trust me! Whether it's from the moving van to the new home or straight into our self-storage in E14.

M: Milk Delivery: Cancel milk and any other deliveries you have coming to your old address.

N: Necessities bag: Fill a suitcase with toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant and spare clothes ready for your move so you have instant access to the things you’ll need immediately.

O: Old stuff: Unsure where to put old items that you don’t want to throw away? Check ‘S’

P: Post: Make sure all mail comes to the new address.

Q: Quick Note: Leave a small note of boiler information and extra things that the new owners might need to know.

R: Rubbish: Find out what days the bins are collected in your new neighbourhood.

S: Self-storage E14: The most important letter of them all. If you’ve got anything you don’t want to throw away but aren’t quite sure where it will go just yet, Store it with Store That.

T: Takeaway: After moving house, you’re not going to want to cook a meal, find out where the nearest food delivery places are!

U: Unpacking: Unpack as soon as you get the chance, once it’s over with you’ll be able to relax.

V: Vote: Register to vote at your new address!

W: Work: Inform work when you’re moving and take a couple days off if necessary.

X: X marks the spot: Check online where the nearest supermarkets and shops are around your new home.

Y: Yawn: It’s okay! Before you know it you’ll have your feet up in the new place with a cup of tea in hand.

Z: Zzz: The only noise you’ll hear after finally unpacking everything and settling in.

If you’re moving soon and would like some weight lifted off your shoulders, we can help. Self-storage isle of dogs removes the hassle of moving house. Want to know more? Don’t hesitate to contact us: 020 7515 1300