Store that E14: Olympic Organisation

For some, finding the time to organise the house is an occurrence much like the Olympics. It only happens once every 4 years!

You wake up feeling motivated! Ready to take on the task of clearing the clutter from every corner of your home. Often it’s taken months to build up to this moment and has required a lot of mental training to take part in the event.

First up is wrestling! With the sports equipment scattered around the house. This can involve moving the golf clubs into the garage or cramming the wakeboards from the weekend between the endless boxes of Christmas decorations in the loft. It can take a lot of physical strength lugging bags and boxes from one place to another. Only to find it doesn’t fit when you get it there.

With summer drawing to a close and outdoor event like BBQ’s and parties in the garden becoming less frequent. Its time to cover the outdoor furniture to prevent damage and rust but, of course, the covers have been misplaced! You’re about to enter event 2, weight lifting. As you haul the table and chairs from the patio into the garden shed. The team at Store That E14 now this all too well.

Getting organised is not made any easier when you get caught in the 100m hurdles. Dashing back and forth from house to garden, jumping over stacks of bags and boxes is not ideal.

Finally, you’re now faced with the difficult decision of where to store everything. Instead of practising your gymnastics by balancing them on top of the wardrobe, Store That E14 offers storage units in Canary Wharf.

Imagine sailing through the organisation of your home. Knowing that the hassle of where to store everything has been taken off your hands!

There will be no need to sprint to check your belongings are safe – not only is there CCTV coverage at our self-storage Isle Of Dogs but also 24-hour in-house security and you can forget about getting yourself in a spin with our spacious and accessible units, we’ve got the size suitable for you!

If Team GB has got you in the Olympic spirit and you feel motivated and ready to take on the challenge of organising your home this summer, Store That Canary Wharf offers a gold medal standard of customer service to make the process as easy as possible; saving you endless amounts of time and space. Contact us today for storage units in E14 on 020 7515 1300