Store That E14: Storage for your spooky goodies this Halloween!

Halloween is here! But it’s always good to be prepared for when the ghoulish gatherings are over and your haunted house can return to a home again!

The spooky parties only last the evening. But before you know it you have to decide what you’ll do with all those plastic pumpkins and paper-hanging ghosts? halloween storage anyone?

It seems a shame to throw them away. So why not save them for next year and free up some space in the loft? Store them with us at Store That Canary Wharf instead!

Tips for storing Halloween decorations:

  1. Sort! Once you have taken down the spooky décor, decide what decorations are to be recycled, kept or possibly given away. Now you’ve sorted what items are to be kept, then group them together by theme; type or size in order to help you with packing. This will help you decide how many boxes you need to buy and what type is needed. Our drive up units E14 makes storing your stuff even easier!
  1. Packing! Lots of decorations are made of glass; paper and possibly electronic and so you will need to pack carefully to prevent any breaking. Be sure to use bubble wrap to protect the items from breaking. You should also consider smaller boxes to keep them from getting damaged in larger containers. At Store That you can buy all the packing materials necessary to safely store your items from boxes to scissors and tape.
  1. Labels! Before keeping your belongings in our secure storage E14, remember to label your boxes either by naming each individual box or even colour coding them to make them easier to find in the storage unit. Once the boxes are labelled, it is helpful to create an inventory list of what is in the boxes so you find them next year for more spooktacular fun.

Our friendly, helpful staff can guide you through the entire process and once you leave, we have around-the-clock CCTV as well as in-house security, so your belongings will be in the safest of hands. Get in touch today on 020 7515 1300 or pop into our self-storage units in E14 – we’ll be more than happy to help!