Store That E14 Talk: Things To Do With Your Extra Hour

After gaining an hour last Sunday as the clocks went back; it’s nice to know that even though it’s starting to get colder and darker in the evenings, we have some extra time to play with!

You might think it’s only an hour, but a little longer in bed on a Monday morning is always hugely appreciated! Alternatively, you can get creative, get organised and get jobs done! Store That E14 talk about ways in which you can spend that valuable extra hour:

Plan family Christmas gifts.

Christmas is miles away’ you may think – In fact, it’s only about 6 Fridays away. As self-storage experts, we’d recommend that you start creating some space in the house for relatives to stay. You should also do this in order to store away the surprise gifts. Spend that extra hour sizing up our self-storage units in E14 in time for the festive period!

Watch an hour of cat videos

Who doesn’t love watching cat videos? Unless you’re a dog person, then watch dog videos. Either way, a perfect way to spend your time.

Daydream and plan your perfect holiday. 

We all have that one dream destination, whether it’s Dubai, Bora Bora or any other exotic location. If you plan on jetting off in the near future for any longer than your standard 2 week holiday; make use of our facilities at Store That Canary Wharf for the perfect place to leave your stuff safe and secure while you’re overseas!


Probably one of the best benefits from the extra hour in, hit snooze, roll over and catch some extra Z's!

Get organised.

With 2017 fast approaching, perhaps you’ve got a couple of New Year’s resolutions you need to prepare for? Create a to-do list and start getting organised! Whether it’s clearing out the wardrobe or addressing the clutter in the spare room. Both scenarios can be made a lot easier with the help of some extra storage space in the Isle of dogs.

Go for a run.

If you’re feeling active, layer up, grab your headphones and head outside! But if you’re not feeling so active, refer to suggestion number 4!


If our suggestions have inspired you take a trip down to our storage units in E14 today! Or alternatively, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0207 5151 300

Not only do we offer drive up units E14 for your convenience. But we also offer sizeable sea container rental Canary Wharf to suit your every storage need!