Store That Canary Wharf Talk: 3 Ways To Reinvent Yourself For The New Year

The New Year is approaching rapidly and it’s that time of year where everyone likes to make a change! If you’re planning to make a transformation, do it the right way! Store That Canary Wharf talks about our helpful tips to make a difference.

  1. Staying Healthy

Busy lifestyles and unrealistic goals set can mean people often give up just weeks into the New Year. But there are ways to stay healthy and happy at the same time.

  • Eating healthy doesn’t mean cutting all sugars and fats out of your diet; the key is to eat the number of calories you need a day and ensure you’re getting the right nutrients you need. Having a treat now and then won’t hurt and will make you enjoy it even more then you would normally.
  • Staying fit doesn’t have to involve spending your spare time in the gym and coming home in pain. There are other options such as dance lessons, yoga or Zumba which a lot of people find much more enjoyable. These activities tend to involve lots of equipment so in light of your new hobby, be sure to give yourself enough space at home and store any yoga mats; tennis racquets or weights in our storage units in E14.
  1. Get A New Look

Accepting yourself and being confident is a good trait. So, whether you make a change to your hairstyle or colour or start a whole new wardrobe, when it comes to clearing out to make way for the ‘new you’ then Store That London Docklands are on hand to help.

Our drive up units in E14 is ideal for transferring large items of furniture or heavy boxes straight from the car to storage for when you’ve had enough of the old sofa and think it’s time for a revamp but aren’t ready to part with the item just yet. Perhaps you’re waiting to sell it, the extra cash could be used for that haircut!

  1. Clear out the clutter

Organisation is key. Take the arrival of 2017 as an opportunity to start fresh; store the old and in with the new. Once you’ve organised and everything has it’s own place if becomes obvious which bits you have no room for and that’s where Store That E14 come in!

If you need some extra space to place personal possessions, sports equipment or old furniture that you may not need at home but aren’t ready to part with, head over to Self Storage Canary Wharf today or give us a call on 02075151300.