Tips for Moving House in Winter

Finding a house can be hard and time-consuming. Also, when it’s finally time to get up and go it may not always fall at the perfect time, especially in the winter. It’s cold, frosty and most likely to be wet in the UK. Luckily we have come up with a couple of tips to make your move go as smoothly as possible.

Waterproof packaging

The first tip for moving in the winter is making sure everything is packed up carefully and not shoved in an overflowing cardboard box; you don’t want anything falling out onto the wet or muddy floor. Getting yourself plastic boxes for your clothes can definitely come in handy when moving them from one house to another. If you have anything that you don't necessarily need yet; our storage units in E14 can be perfect for holding items out of the rain till you need them again.

Suitable clothing

Be sure to set your alarm and get up at a reasonable time in the morning, the earlier the better. When getting ready make sure you wrap up warm because you’ll be in and out of the house and wear suitable footwear, the last thing you need during a move is slipping over outside and injuring yourself.

Prep the new house

It’s December and there’s nothing worse than not having heating in your house and sitting on the sofa curled up in every piece of warm clothing you can find. When visiting your new home, a quick check that the heating and electricity works won't hurt.

Another tip to prepping the house is covering the floor and carpets from all the muddy and wet shoes that will be walking through.

Store everything

Most people like to decorate their new home into the perfect showhouse; but scatter their items around the house or in the garage until they are ready to put them in. Unfortunately doing this can ruin the furniture and make it a lot harder to work around.

Why not place all your items into Store That self-storage while you're not using them? This way everything will be kept in the same condition you left them in and you don’t need to worry about getting paint on them!

If you're moving house this winter and need some extra space to hold your furniture or items; then head over to our Self Storage Canary Wharf today or call us on 020 7515 1300.