Preparing Your Christmas Decorations for Storage with Store That

Christmas decorations are not only pricey but can also hold a great deal of sentimental value. So it’s essential that you keep all of your decorations away from harm to ensure they aren’t broken or damaged the next time you come to use them. Here are some simple steps to ensure all of your items stay safely intact all year long...

  1. Artificial Trees

Finding somewhere to store your tree can be tricky, especially if it’s heavy. If lifting it to your loft is out of the question, a storage facility can be a great option. To stop the branches from bending out of shape, wrap the whole tree tightly in plastic covering. This will ensure your artificial tree stays intact and good to go for next Christmas!

  1. Christmas lights

Everybody dreads getting the fairy lights back out every year, especially if they’ve just been thrown into a box and become tangled. One quick and handy solution for this is to wrap the lights around a stiff piece of cardboard. Tape one end of the lights to the card and carefully wrap the rest of the string around until you reach the other end, keeping plenty of room between each wrap around. This will make them super easy to put up next time around.

  1. Wreaths

Wreaths are often crushed or bent out of shape by heavier holiday items. Ornamental pieces such as ribbons or berries can easily be dislodged or lost entirely. It’s a good idea to keep wreaths in a hat or shoe box. Another way of keeping them intact is by hanging them on a wire hanger and covering them with a plastic bag to prevent any build-up of dust.

  1. Ornaments

Christmas ornaments such as baubles can be both precious and delicate, making them difficult to store safely. One easy solution is to place glass items in leftover egg boxes, which will keep smaller pieces snug and separate from each other inside the box. For larger ornaments, it’s a good idea to use cardboard; bubble wrap or polystyrene separators so that any delicate items aren’t cracked when moving boxes around.

  1. Linens

Items such as Christmas tablecloths or tree skirts are only used for a few weeks of the year. So instead of letting them take up valuable space in a cupboard or closet, why not put them into storage? Hang up your linens inside hanging dress bags, which prevents creasing and stops them smelling musty when you take them out next time around. Sorted!

If you’d like to keep your seasonal items from getting damaged until next year; why not consider using one of our clean, dry and secure self-storage units?

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