Protecting Valuables for the Next Generation

In recent years, hit BBC TV show, Antiques Roadshow has seen valuable after valuable make their owners a ton of cash, everything from a rare Victorian brooch to a car used by Stirling Moss; former Formula One racing driver.

But for something to be truly “antique”, most dealers agree that the object in question must have been created over 100 years ago or more. Otherwise, the treasured item belongs in the “vintage” category. Either way, you will need to carefully preserve your belongings if you ever want to make any cash from your valuables.

Here is Store That’s guide to protecting your valuables for the future:

 Use Bubble Wrap

While wrapping a tiny ring may seem like an unnecessary precaution; a misplaced jewel or tiny crack/chip could lose you hundreds of pounds off an estimated bid if ever sold in auction.

Here at Store That Canary Wharf, we provide a range of packaging products to protect your belongings; including our standard bubble wrap rolls from just £14.

Keep Them Boxed

 You can never be too cautious when it comes to keeping your treasured belongings safe. Once your items are wrapped and protected then it’s time to find suitable boxes to keep them in. A standard cardboard box may be a cheaper option but will it protect your antiques from damp and the cold?

Instead look at purchasing plastic storage crates to keep your belongings in. In Store That’s packaging collection we provide clear plastic storage boxes from just £7.75.

Secure Location

Once you have decided what to store your belongings in, you must decide where to store them. Have you got space in the loft? Or maybe spare storage in the garage? If you’re thinking about storing your valuables in your home, then consider weather conditions that may affect your boxes i.e. snow; rain or flooding.

If the threat of rain or flooding worries you, Store That provides secure storage units in E14 with a variety of unit sizes from 20 – 150 sqft at ground level or first floor. We also have drive up units E14 for our customer’s ease of access.

For further information, call our friendly team on 0207 5151 300 or get in touch with us here.