Valentine's Day Break Ups: Self-Storage & Separating From your Partner

If you’re lucky enough to be with your soulmate this Valentine’s Day, then you must have prepared your plans for the day of romance. How about a romantic candlelit dinner in your favourite restaurant? Cosying by the raging fire in an idyllic Swiss chalet? But no one ever considers the breakups!

While it might seem cruel, splitting with your partner on or around Valentine's Day is all too familiar for some couples. In fact, Valentine’s (and the Christmas period) are the most popular times of year for people to ditch their lovers. The reason behind this is thought to be that once someone starts pondering change; they feel it will be too hard to be around their partner at a time of year where everyone is celebrating love and family.

Once the decision has been made to go to Splitsville, it can be especially difficult for cohabiting couples. You and your partner will most likely have an emotional attachment to all your possessions, such as your furniture; a shared car and any collectables. While you may be disappointed that you can’t keep the items you believe you’re entitled to, you and your partner should reach an agreement if you can.

In terms of furniture and cars, consider where each of you will live after separation. Will either of you need furniture for new accommodation? If so, divide all the furniture and big appliances or, for a fairer but more costly approach; buy completely new furniture.

If you can’t seem to agree on who gets what, then it’s time to consider; who bought the item, did one of you pay more towards the item and if it was a present? Whoever paid or was given the item will have the legal rights to keep it.

But what do you do with the ‘us’ valuables? Maybe you have old pictures; a teddy bear bought at the funfair; a wedding dress even – what could you do with them? If you can’t bear to throw them straight in the bin, why not ease the stress of a separation and store all your belongings with Store That?

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