Tips to Downsizing Your Home

The simple act of moving home can be stressful at the best of times, but downsizing is arguably worse. Not only are you moving to a smaller property with less space for all your belongings. But it means you will need to be more organised and extremely ruthless when packing your valuables.

Don’t panic though! Store That Canary Wharf’s storage experts are here to make downsizing your home simple.

Write a list of all the items you cannot live without.

You cannot take everything with you in the move, which is why you must prioritise the things you can and cannot live without. Maybe you can’t part ways with your favourite armchair or have a lamp you cannot bear to lose, writing your wish list will help you say goodbye to all the things that didn’t make the list.

Start Sorting Your Valuables Three Months Before

Every day or a few days a week, take the time to go through your garage or your overflowing filing cabinet. Start by sorting all the items into specific categories. These could be important documents, kitchen items and electronic appliances.

Label three bins to Keep, to Sell and to Charity

During the downsizing process, you should only keep one-third to one-half of all your belongings, meaning you will need to sell, donate or throw away a lot of valuables. But don’t just chuck everything away; reuse, recycle, sell and donate your valuables instead. Any items you are throwing away can be sorted into three piles; keep, sell and donate.

If there are any valuables you cannot bear to leave behind in the move, why not keep them in one of our secure storage units in E14? Our storage units come in a range of sizes; from 20-150sqft, and are consistently monitored by 24/7 on-site security and CCTV systems. We also have drive up units E14 for ease of access and sea container rental Canary Wharf for anyone needing larger storage spaces. Call 0207 5151 300 for further information.