How to Organise your Children’s Schoolwork

Your children’s artwork is precious, and something you and they will want to look back on in the future. This means keeping it safely stored and properly organised is important. But how can you ensure that your children’s prized work is kept safe?

Here is Store That’s top tips for keeping your children’s schoolwork future-proof:

Collect and Organise

While most of your children’s schoolwork will be stored in their books, you will need a place to keep all your child’s loose school work i.e. artwork; letters; doodles or awards. As a temporary holding place; use a metal magazine holder or file organiser to hold all the work your child gives you. Before you put it into the filing system, you must do the hard task of deciding whether it is worth keeping or not.

TIP: Remember to date your children’s work on the back of the paper to help organise the masterpieces.

Sort and Label Everything

Once you have decided what is worthy of keeping, find a final destination for this schoolwork i.e. a binder or portfolios. You may need a number of folders and sheet protectors to store all your children’s work so be sure to label them. They can be separated into categories of years at school i.e. preschool, year 1 etc. or into the type of work i.e. artwork; letter and doodles.

Safely Store

It’s easy to put your kid's schoolwork into the loft and forget about it. But when space becomes tight with festive decorations; clothing and other keepsakes, why not store your children’s schoolwork with Store That Canary Wharf?

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