Spring Clean Your Clutter with StoreThat Self-Storage

It’s officially Spring! And what does that mean? Lighter evenings, warmer weather and of course, SPRING CLEANING!

Say ‘Goodbye’ to all your winter jumpers, your ski boots and snow sledges and store them away until next year!

Not only does self-storage free up a huge amount of space in your home, but it guarantees that your belongings will remain safe and protected throughout the summer months.

As spring cleaning may not be the most exciting way to celebrate the warm weather for everyone; the team here at Store That have made a list of fun facts about Spring cleaning:

In China, spring-cleaning takes place on Chinese New Year. Traditionally, it was believed that cleaning house for the New Year’s celebrations swept away bad luck and helped ensure good fortune in the year to come.

The people of Thailand have a two day long water fight to wash away their sins as part of spring-cleaning in April. They also clear out old and unwanted possessions in fear they bring bad luck.

According to research, up to 3,655 calories are burned every year by cleaning and tidying the home in time for summer. This is more than most people burn running a marathon, so start spring-cleaning today!

In Guatemala, people spring clean their homes thoroughly, sweeping their entire garbage outdoors into a huge pile. Afterwards they set fire to the pile to cleanse the home of the devil, a tradition known as Quema del Diablo.

Khaneh-Tekani, Iran’s spring-cleaning ritual, means families clean out the house to get rid of the past and evil spirits.

No room in your wardrobe or loft to put away your winter belongings? Don’t worry; Store That Canary Wharf can help. In the centre of London Docklands, Store That offer a secure site with CCTV coverage and 24 hour in-house security with unit sizes ranging from 20 – 150 sqft. We also have drive-up units Canary Wharf and sea-containers available for ease of access.

For more information about Store That’s secure self-storage E14, call 0207 5151 300 or email info@storethat.co.uk.