Innovative Uses of Sea Containers

Many of our customers hire sea containers for secure on site storage. But did you know that our containers could be used for much more than that? Our sea containers are much more versatile than you may think. So Store That Canary Wharf have put together a list of innovative uses for shipping containers from around the world.


There are many uses for sea containers because they are strong; durable; readily available and secure. As sea containers are produced in standard sizes they can be used for the rapid construction of buildings.

Known as ‘Cargotecture’, sea containers have been used to construct unique homes; hotels; schools and trendy bars as an alternative to traditional building materials. For example, in Portishead, Bristol, there is a hotel that is constructed from 28 shipping containers.

Swimming Pools

Sea containers are available in a variety of sizes and depths; all the way from 8ft to 40ft. So, this means that they can be easily transformed into outdoor swimming pools.

Moreover, the Badeschiff in Berlin, is a swimming pool created from recycled cargo containers and floating on the river Spree.

Pop-up Shops

Containers can be constructed quickly, meaning that they are ideal for special events or ‘pop up’ shops as they can be packed up and can be re-used elsewhere.

Boxpark in East London claims to be the world’s first ‘pop-up’ shopping centre and is made from 60 containers.

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