What Could Happen To Your Belongings Without A Storage Unit?

At Store That we understand the importance of using a storage unit to keep your items safe. In fact, we have lots of options for self-storage. These include drive up units E14 and sea-container rental London Docklands to make sure your valuables are kept in the safest of hands.

While we know the importance of self-storage, do you?

Here are just some of the situations your belongings could find themselves in; should you choose not to use our storage units in E14.

Going Mouldy

You may think that keeping important belongings in your shed; loft or garage would mean they are safe from damage. However, these storage spaces can lead to disasters when these areas are wet and damp inside.

In the autumn and winter months, the gloomy weather can settle in your home storage. This means that mould can gradually build up and spread to your clothes and items. This is particularly bad if these items are valuable or sentimental to you.

In our dry storage units, mould is prevented; providing you don’t bring in damp goods, keeping your belongings nice and dry!

Unexpected Floods

It may not even cross your mind when preparing storage in the home; but have you thought about unfortunate events such as floods? For example, maybe a pipe has burst and flooded your home or your washing machine has broken and flooded your kitchen and utility room.

Either way, this isn’t a situation you ever want to be in. If you have valuables in your kitchen and they get wet during a flooding situation, this could potentially damage your belongings.

The great thing about storage units is – as if you didn’t know – they don’t contain plumbed in washing machines and this makes them the perfect place to keep belongings dry.

Unforeseen Events

While nature can take it’s toll on your belongings and home; what if someone breaks into your house and steals the most valuable items that you have kept in the family for generations? All of Store That Canary Wharf’s self-storage units are monitored by 24/7 in house security. As well as having CCTV and only you can access your storage unit.

To find out more information about Store That’s secure storage E14, be sure to contact the team on 020 7515 1300 or email info@storethat.co.uk.