Creating a Man-Cave for your Dad This Father’s Day

For most men their “man-cave” is the most important room in the house; a safe haven away from the noisy goings on and day to day stress in the household.

We can understand that a Dad without this sacred place may feel a little left out of this exclusive club!

For Father’s Day 2017, why not treat your Dad to his very own “man-cave” this year?

At Store That Canary Wharf, we have put together a list of the essentials for creating the perfect “man-cave”!


A man-cave wouldn’t be complete without a few technological gadgets – let’s hope he can actually work them! Whether it’s self-dimming lights, voice-commanded speakers and universal remotes, these small pieces of technology make relaxing as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Fully Stocked Fridge

We have all dreamed of having a fully stocked fridge with your favourite drinks and snacks and what could be better than having all these snacks and drinks within reach of your gaming zone or watching a movie. If you want to go all out, mini popcorn machines and vending machines would go down a treat!

Ultimate Seating

Whether he’s a gamer or a movie-lover, why not invest in a comfy recliner or sofa for ultimate relaxation in front of the TV? You could chuck some beanbags and fun chairs for the kids - should they be allowed in the man-cave!

In order to create the perfect man-cave, you are going to need some space! The area can’t be a place for creature comforts and clutter so it may be time for a clear out.

Store That London Docklands are a self-storage company in East London providing self storage units in E14. With units in sizes from 20-150 sqft, our team can advise you on exactly what storage unit you will need and provide you the materials you need to pack and store your belongings at a reasonable cost.

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